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Learn about the ministry and experience of these individual Gordon-Conwell alumni. We hope you’ll be encouraged by the faithful and diverse Kingdom work being done by your fellow alumni!

The Hughes: Pastors at Concord Baptist Church (Milton, MA)

“The campus itself provided us both with a sanctuary where the presence of God is, and also a laboratory where we could think and we could also probe the deeper depths of biblical and theological understanding for ministry.”

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Co-Founders of Wolfbane Books

“Whether poetic prayers, retellings of the story of Scripture, or sagas about noble dragons-slayers in far-away lands, the stories we tell will serve to equip the next generation with the wisdom and courage to stand firm with a hope-filled vision for the future.”

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Will Kautz
Self-employed artist, writer
MATS ’83 – Hamilton

“My biblical education showed me the heart of God—his desire to give grace to the humble and his willingness to do something redemptive with our pain.”

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Buddy Childress
Founder & Minister-at-large of Needle’s Eye Ministries 
MATS ’77—Hamilton

“When alumni of my era get together, it is a rare occasion when someone doesn’t mention how thankful they are to God for the privilege of attending Gordon-Conwell.”

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David Senters
Senior Pastor, New Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)

MDiv ’15 – Jacksonville

“Gordon-Conwell helped me trust in God’s sovereignty and providence, grow in my own discipleship, and critically examine my beliefs with Scripture.”

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Linda Leon
Director of Spiritual Formation at Malone University
DMin ’14 – Hamilton

“I joined the GCTS cohort because I wanted to learn more about college students, even as I worked with them. It reaffirmed that college students have my whole heart. I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

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Michelle T. Sanchez
Executive Minister of “Make and Deepen Disciples”
MDiv ’09, ThM ’09 – Hamilton

I marvel at how often I refer to my learnings from particular classes and experiences when preaching sermons, launching new ministries, and leading my denomination.”

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Reginald Blackmon
Owner of Mind Heart and Spirit,
Associate Minister at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
MAR ’10, MDiv ’12 – Charlotte

“After my call to ministry, Gordon-Conwell was the perfect place for me to grow educationally, spiritually, professionally, and personally.”

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