The Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching

Welcome to the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a center that exists to equip pastors and lay preachers to communicate God’s word effectively.

Dr. Haddon W. Robinson, former President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and longtime faculty member, is one of the world’s foremost experts in Biblical preaching. He gave God his all  and preached Christ’s all for us. Learn more about his life and legacy in Remembering Haddon Robinson.

If this is your first time visiting us, start with our weekly podcast, Preaching Points.  For those who are just starting out in the study of preaching, you will benefit from spending a few days with our faculty at the Preachers’ College. And if you would like help on a sermon you are currently preparing or have recently preached, check out Sermon Doctor Rx.

Preaching Faculty

Jeffrey Arthurs is the Haddon W. Robinson Professor of Preaching and Communication; Chair of the Division of Practical Theology; Academic Dean.   His book, Preaching as Reminding, was honored with a 2019 Book of the Year Award from Christianity Today.


  • Jeffrey D. Arthurs, Preaching With Variety (Kregel, 2007).
  • Jeffrey D. Arthurs, Devote Yourself to Public Reading of Scripture (Kregel, 2012).
  • Jeffrey D. Arthurs, Preaching As Reminding  (IVP, 2017).

Matthew Kim is Associate Professor of Preaching and Ministry; Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching; Director of Mentored Ministry.  His book, Preaching with Cultural Intelligence, was awarded the 2018 Preaching Magazine book of the year.


  • Matthew D. Kim, Preaching to Second Generation Korean Americans: Towards a Possible Selves Contextual Homiletic (Peter Lang, 2007).
  • Matthew D. Kim, 7 Lessons for New Pastors: Your First Year in Ministry (Chalice, 2012).
  • Matthew D. Kim, Preaching with Cultural Intelligence: Understanding the People Who Hear Our Sermons (Baker Academic, 2017).
  • Scott M. Gibson and Matthew D. Kim, eds., Homiletics and Hermeneutics: Four Views on Preaching Today (Baker Academic, 2018).
  • Matthew D. Kim, A Little Book for New Preachers: Why and How to Study Homiletics (IVP Academic, 2020).
  • Matthew D. Kim and Daniel L. Wong, Finding Our Voice: An Introduction to Asian North American Preaching (Lexham, 2020).
  • Matthew D. Kim and Scott M. Gibson, eds., The Big Idea Companion to Preaching and Teaching (Baker Academic, 2021).
  • Matthew D. Kim, Preaching to People in Pain: Sharing Our Suffering in Sermons (Baker Academic, 2021).

Patricia Batten is Associate Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching. She also serves as Ranked Adjunct Assistant Professor of Preaching.


  • Parenting by Faith:  What Jesus Said to Parents, (Rose, 2019).
  • Haddon W. Robinson and Patricia Batten, eds., Models for Biblical Preaching, (Baker, 2014).
  • Impress Your Kids with God (booklet), (Discovery House, 2018).