Welcome to the Preachers’ Book Club where we read and discuss the latest influential resources related to homiletics.

This club, sponsored by the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching, is funded by a Lilly Endowment preaching grant.

By committing to this peer-learning group, you will receive two copies of each book and a learning covenant to do the following three activities: (NB: If you do not fulfill your covenant, you will pay back in full the cost of the books and shipping.)

1) Read the book with a ministry colleague and discuss it together.

2) Send in a 2-3 paragraph (single-spaced) response to the book (for each book by the due date).

3) (Optional) Prepare a sermon employing 1-3 principles that you learned from the book and have a colleague evaluate the effectiveness of this sermon (one sermon for each book by the due date).

We look forward to how these books resource your preaching!