Diversity Focused Initiatives - Gordon Conwell

Diversity Focused Initiatives

The following list is not exhaustive. Staff and administration are still gathering notes on activity from throughout the wider Gordon-Conwell community (and will update this list). But the following initiatives outline at least some of the key steps that leadership at multiple levels of Gordon-Conwell have taken to address and grow into issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion:


President’s Cabinet

  • Every meeting (monthly) includes a discussion of race and justice.
  • The cabinet have discussed two books, chapter by chapter: The Color of Compromise by Jamar Tisby and Reading While Black by Esau McCaulley. Our next book is yet to be decided.
  • The cabinet consulted with two black scholars on issues of race and justice: Anthony B. Bradley and Vincent Bacote.
  • All cabinet members have taken a cultural assessment and are currently in the process of independent review of cultural competency.

President’s Blog: Attentiveness

Issues of race and justice have been central in Dr. Sunquist’s reflection and writing addressed to the Gordon-Conwell community (especially board, faculty, staff, students, alumni).

Dean’s Forums

(Lunch events simulcast from the Hamilton campus)

  • “Race, Equity, and Inclusion.” Five-person faculty panel.
  • “Pentecostal Recovery of Embodied Worship” (Dr. Aaron Howard).
  • “Transgender Identity and Christian Ethics” (Dr. Dennis Hollinger).

Faculty Discussions

  • At least 3 with United Faculty and Hamilton Faculty.
  • Hamilton faculty invited minority students to speak about “How can the Hamilton campus extend hospitality to international students?”
  • Division of Christian Thought—discusses issues of race and inclusion.
  • Faculty have begun a review of Gordon-Conwell’s statement on a Theology of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Faculty Colloquia

(Monthly meetings for discussion on current research)

  • Jack Davis and Quonekuia Day on “White Theology.”
  • Dr. Esau McCaulley on his book “Reading While Black.”


Numerous Hamilton chapels devoted to causes and celebrations:

  • Women’s History Month
  • Black History Month
  • Latino History Month
  • Justice Week

Mockler Center for Faith & Ethics in the Public Square

Livestream Series “Fear, Facts, and Faith”:

  • “Who Is Our Neighbor”
  • “Race in America”
  • “Black History & White Empathy: The Seeds of a New Awakening?”
  • “Vaccines, Safe Living, & ‘Loving Thy Neighbor’ in an Age of COVID-19”


Portraits of white, male presidents moved to a less conspicuous place in hallways of the Kerr building. In their place, student, multicultural artwork has adorned the walls more prominently.


Faculty will vote this month (March 2021) to adopt a statement/guideline on diversity in syllabi:
“In recognition of the global church and the rich diversity of the kingdom, we aspire to equip our students to minister effectively in a multicultural world. Therefore, in each course, whenever feasible, faculty will include one or more of the following: reading(s) by scholars from the global church, and/or lecture units, assignments, discussions, case studies, interviews, videos, etc., that incorporate topics related to the global church.”

ISBCE Symposia

Multiple events such as the recent one on Critical Race Theory.


ATS Symposia: Deans attended events on topics related to race and justice.

Harassment training required for all faculty and staff.