Dr. Catherine McDowell Examines Isaiah’s Literary Creativity in Rebuking Israel’s Idolatry

Dr. Catherine McDowell, Associate Professor of Old Testament, was recently featured in the Southeastern Theology Review (Vol. 12, No.1) for her article “What Isaiah Knew: The LORD Is God and There Is No Other.”

In this new publication, Dr. McDowell explains how Isaiah’s creative and varied usage of “emphatic syntax, sarcasm, literary devices, foreign vocabulary, and interaction with idol-making rituals” enable him to powerfully convey his message to the deeply idolatrous Israel: The LORD is God, and there is no other.

She concludes, “Idolatry was so entrenched in the hearts and minds of God’s people that the prophets were forced to speak sharply, often using startling imagery, sarcasm, and creative rhetorical strategies to seize Israel’s attention. Isaiah was no exception. He masterfully weaves various literary genres and devices, unusual syntax, captivating imagery, and clever taunts to create a long series of powerful, prophetic messages.”

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