Dr. Davis Publishes Three Articles about Trinitarian Theology

Senior Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics Dr. John Jefferson Davis recently added three articles to his extensive list of publications.

In “Lessons from the Proton for Trinitarian Theology?” (Science and Christian Belief, 2022), Dr. Davis uses a new analogy from physics to describe the three-in-one nature of the Trinity.

In “Updating Cappadocian Answers to the One and Threeness Problem of the Trinity” (Doon Theological Journal2022), he presents a reformulation of his Trinitarian theology, emphasizing how God is both immutable and responsive to humanity.

Most recently, in “Trinity, Perichoresis, and Christian Marriage” (Journal of Psychology and Theology, 2023), Dr. Davis uses an analogy of a married couple renovating a home to better understand the relationship of the members of the Trinity to one another.

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