New Release in Korean by Dr. Cho: Life Enfolded in God’s Grace

Dr. Eun Ah Cho, Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies and Dean of the Ockenga Institute, recently published a new book in Korean titled Life Enfolded in God’s Grace.

An experienced missionary and international worker herself, Dr. Cho expressed her desire to write this book “for God’s missionary people serving in different contexts of life and ministry. Written in a language that can be easily understood, it invites readers to come and see how God has created them, called them, and sent them to be witnesses of His tireless work of grace.” Life Enfolded in God’s Grace explores, as the title implies, how “our life is enfolded in the grace of God. Living out such a life means to walk faithfully in humble gratitude, acknowledging that His grace cannot be repaid.”

“This book is about God’s grace out of which His mission flows. God’s mission is not an unsympathetic order thrown at us. Rather, it is a kind invitation.”

Hear more in Korean from Dr. Cho in the video below, and pick up your copy today!