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Gordon-Conwell Will Stay on the Hamilton Campus

Seminary Affirms Commitment to Residential Theological Education in Hamilton and a Greater Role in Boston through CUME, Terminating Plans to Move Main Campus to Boston

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary announced in May 2022 that we are leveraging the economic value of our 100+ acre Hamilton campus by selling part or all of the campus; we committed to better fulfill our mission by focusing more on people than property. We are happy to announce in December 2023 that we will remain on the Hamilton campus and sell our apartments because they are largely underutilized. This helps us fund a new generation of programs, scholarships, and faculty, and it benefits the Town through tax revenue.

The apartments will remain available for rent by students as we experience Life Together, and apartments will also be available to other members of our community.

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What's the latest news?

Gordon-Conwell is entering a new phase called Renewal. Visit the Renewal page for more information.

Why is Gordon-Conwell doing this? / What about student apartments?

Awakened by finances, our Pivot toward the future has become an awakening to the nature of our institution’s soul and the mission of our calling. This decision is aimed at reconnecting with our historic roots and ensuring the long-term fiscal health of the seminary as we steward our resources well. Our budget is increasingly focused on the maintenance of the Hamilton campus despite more students than ever utilizing other campuses and remote options. This mirrors a shift seen across higher education.

For decades, we have offered housing through dormitories as well as apartments. Selling our underutilized apartments, while still providing student housing, allows us to avert financial trends while funding a new generation of programs, faculty, and scholarships, and connecting us to our urban roots and communities in Boston. This will strengthen our institution.  

Is Gordon-Conwell preparing to close?

No. We made this decision from a strong financial position that allows us to maximize our effectiveness as an institution. This decision places the seminary on a stronger financial footing, creates new opportunities for growth and student development, and ensures the long-term future of Gordon-Conwell. 

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Will Gordon-Conwell still be moving to Metro Boston?

No. Gordon-Conwell—Hamilton will remain in Hamilton. At the same time the Board affirms our commitment to a residential model in New England, it also affirms a commitment to increase our presence in the City of Boston in a way that also extends the ministry of our Boston campus (CUME). We have ceased discussions with a particular property in the heart of Boston after extensive analysis and have terminated plans to move to the city, but we remain committed to our historic urban roots and call.

Is the seminary preparing to go entirely remote? / What about community life? (Updated)

No, the seminary is not preparing to go entirely remote. Even as we increase our reach, there will always be a role and a home at Gordon-Conwell for in-person instruction and embodied community life. A new and unique emphasis on community and discipleship called Life Together that is beginning on the Hamilton campus is central to this Pivot and renewal. We will continue to have ample housing available for full-time Hamilton students.

We deeply value community life and spiritual formation in our residential, urban, and networked models. All three models are core to our identity. 

What about faculty and staff at the Hamilton campus?

We will continue to work and study together on the Hamilton campus, especially as we uphold a model of residential theological education in the pattern of Life Together.