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Life Together Wednesdays is an exciting new initiative inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together. Bonhoeffer envisioned theological education happening in the context of worship, discipleship, service, and fellowship. To that end, on Wednesdays, we are inviting the local Gordon-Conwell community to practice a rhythm of Life Together, characterized by prayer, worship, and fellowship. This is a day to be intentionally present with one another and aware of one another in the presence of the Triune God. Be known, be present, be together!

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Wednesday Rhythms

“Be Known • Be Present • Be Together”

The rhythm of Life Together entails moments of worship, work, discipleship, fellowship, and prayer. Being aware of the Triune God and aware of one another is imperative.

Start your day with a time of solitude, meditating on Scripture and praying. Let your time alone with the Lord nurture your time in community.

Morning Prayer: 8:30–9:00 a.m.

Students will meet in the Wilson chapel and faculty will meet in the President’s Dining Room. The meeting will consist of Scripture reading, maybe a song, and prayer. We invite the Lord into our day and routines. We bring to him our needs and concerns. We ask his blessing on our work.

Scheduled Break: 9:00–9:25 a.m.

After prayer, students and faculty are invited to partake in coffee and cookies in the Great Hall before they proceed with their activities. This is a way of making ourselves aware of one another and reminding ourselves that we do what we do in partnership (koinonia) with one another.

Work, Mentoring & Discipleship: 9:30–10:45 a.m.

Some will be in classes, others in mentoring meetings (Discipleship Experience, Pierce Fellowship, Rosell Scholarship). Faculty who are not mentoring are encouraged to hold office hours during this time, which may be a time to discuss academic work, but also for spiritual conversations. Be intentional about praying with one another.

Chapel: 11:10 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

A vibrant service, where the whole Gordon-Conwell Hamilton community gathers to worship the one God and to sit under his Word. All students and faculty are expected to attend chapel. Sermon series will be based on books of the Bible, allowing Scripture to shape us as a community.

Communal Meal: 12:15–1:00 p.m.

Faculty, students and staff are invited to partake in a communal meal in the cafeteria. You may bring your lunch or eat in the cafeteria. This will be a festive time together.

Work: 1:30–4:25 p.m.

Students who are not in classes are encouraged to do their research work and reading from the Great Hall or the Library. Study carrels may be reserved in the Library. Be intentional about studying next to someone. Allow space for spontaneous conversations in breaks. Share what you are working on, and what the Lord may be doing in your life through your work.

Scheduled Break: 2:15–2:45 p.m.

Students and Faculty may take a short break between meetings and studying and partake in coffee and cookies in the Great Hall. This will foster serendipitous interactions, which are so integral to Life Together.

Evensong: 4:40–5:00 p.m.

The day ends with worship in the Great Hall. Scripture reading, a song, and prayer characterize the event. The day together ends as we sing the doxology and offer our day to the Lord.

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