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With 20+ specialized tracks, there is an area of study matching your needs within our Doctor of Ministry program! This chart lists our tracks; including start dates, residency locations, application deadlines, and links to further offering specific details. To request information, please click here.

We recommend that you apply 6-8 months before the residency starts, since the application process, including payment of the matriculation fee, must be complete before the preparatory work can begin. There are anywhere from 4-6 months of preparatory readings and papers to be completed in order to start strong.

Please click these links for information on Advanced Standing; specific to Military Chaplains, Arrow Leadership graduates, or those with a Th.M. in Preaching.

The interactive track listing is below.

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Track First Residency Dates Campus Mentors

Completed Application Deadline**

Bible Translation TBA (2016) Hamilton Campus & Off-site Ciampa, Harmelink  

Leadership in a Changing Church Context

TBA (6/16) Hamilton Campus & Off-site Singleton 2016/2/23
Church Planting & Multiplication TBA (2018) Hamilton Campus & Off-Site Currie, Herrick  
Formational Worship 2016   6/7-16 Hamilton Campus & Off-Site Currie, Quackenbush 2016/2/23
Global Christianity & Development 2016  1/11-22 Hamilton Campus & Off-site Johnson, Birdsall 2015/10/28
Global Pentecostalism TBA (3/2016) Hamilton Campus & Off-site Padilla, Villafane, Ortiz 2015/10/28
Korean Pastoral Skills: The Pastor as Person, Preacher, and Caregiver TBA Hamilton Campus TBA  
Liderazgo Pastoral 2016     1/4-15 Hamilton Campus & Off-site Villafañe, Polischuk, Padilla 2015/10/28
Marriage & Family Counseling TBA (2017) Hamilton Campus Mason, Pendleton  
Military Ministry 2015   6/22-7/3 Hamilton & Charlotte Campuses Critchlow, Baker 2015/3/10
Ministry to Emerging Generations TBA (6/2017) Hamilton Campus Mueller, Vidu, Robbins  
Ministry to Women 2015     6/9-18 Hamilton Campus Mathews, Mason 2015/4/14
Missions & Cross-Cultural Studies TBA Hamilton Campus & Off-site Kuzmic, Yao  
Mission & Ministry Leadership for the Chinese Church 2015    10/12-23 Hamilton Campus Yao, Chuang 2015/6/29
Outreach and Discipleship 2016   6/20-7/1 Hamilton,Charlotte & Off-site Coleman, Currie, Beougher 2016/2/23
Pastoral Skills: The Pastor as Preacher, Caregiver, and Person

2015   4/27-5/8

Hamilton Campus Swetland, Currie 2015/1/28++
Pastoral Skills: The Pastor as Preacher, Caregiver, and Person

2015   10/19-30

Hamilton Campus Swetland, Currie 2015/7/29
Pastoral Skills: The Pastor as Preacher, Caregiver, and Person 2016    2/1-12 Charlotte Campus Currie, Swetland, Klipowicz 2015/10/28
Preaching: From the Study to the Pulpit TBA (2018) Hamilton Campus Arthurs  
Preaching the Literary Forms of The Bible

2016  5/16-27

Hamilton Campus Arthurs 2016/1/28
Preaching to Culture and Cultures TBA (2017) Hamilton Campus


Redemptive Leadership & Organizational Development in the Multi-Ethnic Context 2015  5/11-22  Charlotte Campus Cooper, DeYmaz 2015/2/9++
Revival and Reform: Renewing Congregational Life 2016   4/25-5/6 Hamilton Campus; Charlotte Campus; & Off-site Rosell, Mayer 2016/1/19
Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders 2015  5/19-29 Hamilton Campus & Off-Site Currie, Macchia 2015/2/9++
Transforming Congregations TBA (2017) Hamilton Campus & Off-Site Singleton  

** Dates are listed as: year/month/day. If accepted during the month of, or after, the completed application deadline, the accepted applicant must pay the full first quarter of tuition to enroll.

++Because of prerequisite flexibility, late admission is possible for this cohort. Contact us for more details.