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With 20+ specialized tracks, there is an area of study matching your needs within our Doctor of Ministry program! Check out the charts below to see the possibilities we have for you: including start dates, residency locations, links to more information, and application deadlines.

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Starting 2017

Track First Residency Dates Campus Mentors

Completed Application Deadline**

Preaching the Literary Forms of the Bible 5/15-26 Hamilton Campus Arthurs & Pelton 1/29/2017++
Military Ministry 6/19-30 Hamilton & Off-Site Critchlow, Baker 3/6/2017
Ministry to Emerging Generations 6/5-16 Hamilton Campus MuellerVidu,Robbins 3/6/2017++
Pastoral Theology in Practice (US/UK Cohort)


Hamilton Campus& UK Swetland,Currie 3/6/2017
Pastoral Theology in Practice (Hamilton Cohort) 10/23-11/3 Hamilton Campus Swetland,Currie 7/12/2017

Starting 2018

Track First Residency Dates Campus Mentors

Completed Application Deadline**

Liderazgo Pastoral 1/8-19 Off-Site & Hamilton Campus Jimenez, Polischuk 10/24/2017
Transforming Congregations 1/8-19 Hamilton Campus& Off-Site Singleton, Detterman 10/24/2017
Pastoral Theology in Practice 2/12-23 Charlotte Campus Currie,Havens 10/24/2017
Missions & Cross-Cultural Studies 2/12-23 Hamilton Campus& Off-Site Yao, Bose 10/24/2017
Biblical Worship 5/14-25 Hamilton Campus& Off-Site Price, Quackenbush 1/16/2018
Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders 5/22-6/1 Hamilton Campus& Off-Site Currie,Macchia 1/16/2018
Church Planting & Multiplication 6/11-21 tentative Hamilton Campus& Off-Site Currie, Herrick 2/6/2018
Mission & Ministry Leadership for the Chinese Church 2018     TBA Hamilton Campus Yao, Chuang  
Preaching to Culture and Cultures 2018     TBA Hamilton Campus


Redemptive Leadership & Organizational Development 2018     TBA Charlotte Campus Cooper, Moon  


Track First Residency Dates Campus Mentors

Completed Application Deadline**

Bible Translation 2019     TBA Hamilton Campus& Off-site Ciampa, Harmelink  
Global Christianity & Development 2019     TBA Hamilton Campus& Off-site Johnson,Haney  
Global Pentecostalism

2019     TBA

Hamilton Campus& Off-site Padilla, Ortiz  
Korean Pastoral Skills TBA   TBA  
Leadership in a Changing Church Context 2019     TBA Hamilton Campus& Off-site SingletonAllin  
Marriage & Family Counseling 2019     TBA Hamilton Campus TBA  
Outreach and Discipleship 2019     TBA Hamilton,Charlotte& Off-site Pfizenmaier, Beougher  
Preaching: From the Study to the Pulpit 2019     TBA Hamilton Campus Arthurs  

With rolling admissions, you can complete an application from anytime dates go live until the completion deadline. We recommend that you apply 6-8 months before the residency starts, since the application process, including payment of the matriculation fee, must be complete before the preparatory work can begin. There are generally 3-4 months of preparatory readings and papers in order to start strong.


** If accepted during the month of, or after, the completed application deadline, the accepted applicant must pay the full first quarter of tuition to enroll.

++Because of prerequisite flexibility, late admission is possible for this cohort. Contact us for more details.


Charlotte Campus