Mentored Ministry - Hamilton Campus

A Message from Dr. Singleton:

Our Mentored Ministry program is the place where the theory of the classroom and the practice of the ministry setting come together. The classroom is the heartbeat of Gordon-Conwell. There are so many things that must be learned in such a setting. But the congregational and/or ministry setting is the place to put into practice the very things learned in the classroom. 

These two realms of preparation for ministry need each other.Theory without praxis results in little more than stored information and practice without a sound theory is little more than experimentation.

Mentors in real-life ministry settings provide valuable guidance in the lives of men and women who are learning to do the work of the ministry. Mentors not only observe the performance of ministry but have the opportunity to shape the character of students, which is absolutely vital.

We in Mentored Ministry are here to help facilitate these kinds of ministries and relationships for our M.Div. and MAEM students in every way that we can. To this end we pray that you will make the most of your opportunity to engage in Mentored Ministry. Welcome!

Jim Singleton, Th.D.
Director of Mentored Ministry
Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Evangelism