Mentored Ministry Schedules and Due Dates

Field Unit Assignments Due Dates:

Mark your calendar now with these due dates. Please never ask your mentors to submit for you. If you need an extension please contact the MM Office before the due date. A learning covenant (or LC Update) is due every semester/unit you are registered for MM.


Directions and forms for all assignments are found on the MM section of the GCTS website:


For both single and doubleunits: Fall 2022 schedules

Initial & Update


Application to Mentor

 Friday September 23rd

15% of grade for single units; 10% for double units

Reflection Group Dates

Select two out of three below to attend


PROGRESS REPORT (if continuing at Site)


FINAL EVALUATION (If Final Unit at this Site)

Monday December 19th  

10% of grade

For those doing double field units only



Monday September 26th

Monday October 31st

Monday November 28th



For students doing double units only.

(Choose one RT of your choice here)

Monday November 7th All 12:15-1:15 p.m.

Contact the MM office to indicate your choice and to get the Zoom link if needed.


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