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Ordination Information and Chart

The Ordination chart has been created for Gordon-Conwell students and others who are considering ordination or credentialing in any number of Protestant denominations. It is a work-in-progress resource that covers critical factors in pursuing ordination, such as time frame for the process, field education requirements, and credentialing reciprocity between denominational groups. We have also included contact information for the regional and/or national denominational representatives for your convenience.

The denominations listed in this Chart reflect the top-represented denominations from the Gordon-Conwell student body. Omission of any particular denomination does not reflect a negative view on the part of the seminary, nor does inclusion in this chart reflect our endorsement.

The Mentored Ministry Department welcomes any clarifications, updates or corrections from knowledgeable readers or denominational representatives to improve the accuracy of this Chart. We also reserve the right to decide whether the proposed changes should be adopted. Most of all, we hope and pray that this Chart will be of genuine help to our students as they seek God’s direction for their lives and ministry.

View the Ordination Chart.