Hamilton: Current Mentored Ministry Students

You are here because you have registered for, or are planning to register for, any Mentored Ministry Course (MM505-705).

The purpose of the combined Mentored Ministry & Career Services Departments is to help students perceive, prepare and pursue their calling in Christ. “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9). Our job is to help you use your mind to plan your way, while continuously looking to Jesus to be your guide.

Pre / Co-Requisites:

Please know that there are two pre- or co-requisites for the field units of Mentored Ministry. The first is attendance at two Mentored Ministry Orientation Saturdays in the Fall or Spring Semesters. Dates and time to be announced.

The second is completion of MC501- Spiritual Formation for Ministry. You will need to take this course either prior to, or concurrent with, your first field unit of Mentored Ministry (MM505).

Students register for Mentored Ministry at the same time and the same way that they register for all classes. Field units are 10 hours per week for 12 weeks of the semester. Summer Mentored Ministry must also be 12 weeks long, and can be registered for under Summer Session I. The following are the Mentored Ministry classes for which student must consecutively register:

Unit 1


Unit 2


Unit 3


Breakdown of Field Units

All Mentored-Ministry students will complete three field units. Two of these units must be completed in a church setting. The third unit can be completed in a church or parachurch ministry setting.

An initial Learning Covenant must be completed at the beginning of the semester during the student’s first field unit. A Learning Covenant Update must be completed at the beginning of all following semesters.

At the end of the semester, students will fill out and submit either a Progress Report (if continuing at current ministry site), or a Final Evaluation (if completing final unit at current site).

All student forms and requirements can be found here.

Off-Schedule Mentored Ministry – Not infrequently, students work in ministries which either begin earlier (and thus end earlier) or later (and thus end later) than the regular semester timeline. If these differences are significant, it is important that you inform the Mentored Ministry Office so they can help you set personalized assignment due dates. Particularly for those doing an Off-Schedule MM that runs later than the end of a term, you will need to make sure that you arrange for an Extension with the MM Office.

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