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The New Mentor Orientation

This is the half-day training and orientation seminar that each newly-approved mentor is required to attend, once in the Fall. This event goes from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., and includes a complimentary lunch. These orientations may be attended via zoom if mentor is beyond comfortable driving distance.

If a new mentor cannot attend the New Mentor Orientation nearest to their approval date, they must come to the next scheduled New Mentor Orientation. Mentors who do not attend the NMO within the first year of being approved will not be allowed to continue to mentor GCTS students.

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The Mentor Re-Certification / Re-Connection (RC2)

Those mentors who work regularly with our Mentored Ministry students are required to attend this half-day meeting at least once every five years. Beyond being required to maintain your approval status, the RC2 also proves to be an enriching time of discussion, reflection, challenge and encouragement with the Mentored Ministry staff and your fellow mentors. The RC2 event is scheduled yearly in November and can be attended via zoom.

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