Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Youth Ministry.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

First Presbyterian Church of the North Shore

Youth Ministry

SITE: 179 County Rd., Ipswich MA 01938
PHONE: (978) 356 – 7690
MENTOR: Jonathan Evans
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We have a great need in our youth ministry department. We are looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves students. We desire a seminarian who is a devoted follower of Christ, takes their faith seriously, does not take themselves too seriously, wants to see students grow in their relationship with Jesus, and wants to learn and grow in ministry skills. There are many opportunities for service, growth, and development.
HOURS: 10-20 hours per week.
FINANCIAL: Available to qualified students and reimbursement for ministry expenses.
TIME FRAME: Flexible, students can start any time.
TRAVEL TIME: 10 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER: First Presbyterian Church, North Shore exists by the grace of God with the vision to make more people more like Christ.  We seek to be a church that is characterized by worship in every aspect of our of lives (Exalt), to have members that are motivated and mobilized to use their gifts for God’s glory (Equip), and to embrace a comprehensive focus on missions, both locally and globally (Extend).

People’s A.M.E. Church

Youth and Young Adults Coalition

SITE: 285 Commandments Way Suite 8, Chelsea, MA
MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Sandra Whitely
PHONE: (617) 336-7177
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We recently implemented a ministry to reach youth and young adults (youth ages 14 to 17 and young adults 18 to 35 years) in the church and the community.  This ministry project is awaiting an energetic, enthusiastic and “God is the limit” student to serve as ministry leaders for the male and female young people.  The leader(s) will implement the ministry designed for the youth, young adults in and out of the church.  The vision has already been cast to meet the young people where they are with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.  This will include, but not limited to, identifying needs, planning outreach functions and service projects, building youth and young adult leadership teams, designing and teaching community Bible studies according to a documented template.
The student will work directly under and be accountable to the pastor in a ministerial staff relationship. The mentors are a pastoral team and graduates of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.
HOURS: 10 hours/week.
TRAVEL TIME:  36 to 45 minutes
FINANCIES:  To be determined and discussed with student.
TIME FRAME:    Right away, with at least one school year commitment
OTHER: This church models Christian character, is committed to the work of ministry and service for the Lord Jesus Christ, and desires to work with young people from all walks of life, experiences and cultures

Center Grace Church

Youth Ministry Intern

SITE: 67 High Street, Unit 8U, Danvers, MA 01923
PHONE: (978) 473-2684
MENTOR: Rev. Derek Baker
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: This position would work alongside the Associate Pastor and the youth leadership team to disciple youth, with an emphasis on Middle School students. This includes discipling students 1:1, helping lead bible studies, and youth group. Moreover, this position would help strategize and implement a plan for discipleship for students. A strong emphasis of this position is on relationship-building with the students and being involved in their lives. We are looking for someone who is 1) passionate about seeing the power of the gospel encounter and transform the lives of students; 2) good with building relationships; and 3) is able to teach and lead bible studies.
HOURS: 10 hours per week.
FINANCES: Reimbursement for ministry expenses.
TIME FRAME: At least one calendar year, starting in January 2021. Two years is preferable.
TRAVEL TIME: 15 minutes from Gordon Conwell.
OTHER: We are a new and growing church plant, planted from First Presbyterian Ipswich, and we are passionate about making, mobilizing & multiplying disciples to be faithfully present on the north shore and around the world for the glory of God. Our three ministry pillars are: (1) Central Gospel (The good news of Jesus saves and renews us and we want it to be the
center of everything we do); 2) Transformational Community (Discipleship is the ‘radical minimum’ for those who confess Jesus as Lord and we endeavor to be a community that grows closer together as we grow into Christ; and 3) Missional Movement (God is a missionary God and we want to join in with His movement, both here on the Northshore, but also around the world). We are close community of disciples that endeavor to see a gospel movement on the north shore and would love to have a seminary student join in with us and offer their gifts to serve the church. We also endeavor to be a sending church, so we’re passionate about walking alongside seminary students and commissioning them out to wherever God calls them.

 First Baptist Church in Woburn

Youth Ministry

SITE: 3 Winn St. Woburn, MA 01801
MENTOR: Yaliang Zhao
PHONE:  (787) 933 3008

[email protected]

The student will befriend and disciples middle & high schoolers, both in the church as well as those loosely associated with the church. On Sundays, the MM student is expected to attend Sunday Worship (10:45am – 12:00pm), and then lead small groups. The MM student is also responsible for planning a special youth activity once a month to foster teambuilding within the youth group as well as community outreach. The student will also serve as the liaison with other Chinese Christian churches in the Metro Boston area and organize the annual Winter Teen Conference during the month of Feb. The MM student will also give assistance to the Education Director in order to plan and coordinate VBS as well as leading youth group member volunteers for VBS. Opportunities to preach are available as agreed between the student and the mentor.

10 Hours per week.

$300/month depending on qualification and the quality of work.

 Start date is flexible. A Student who can commit a year or longer is strongly preferred.

20 minutes from GCTS

First Baptist Church in Woburn is a small but growing church that is becoming multi-ethnic and multi-generational more and more with many opportunities to learn not just from Pastor Yaliang, but also seasoned members in the congregation as well.. With the Lord’s blessing, this position can lead to a paid staff position as we grow stronger financially and spiritually.


NextGen Ministry Intern

SITE: 59 Worthen Rd, Lexington, MA
MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Ruthie Seiders
PHONE: (781) 862-6499, ext. 110
EMAIL: [email protected]
DENOMINATION: Non-denominational
POSITION: We are looking for a confident and teachable self-starter to serve as an intern with our NextGen (Children’s, Middle, or High School) Ministry during the academic year. The intern will work alongside the Directors/Pastors of Children’s or Student Ministry, in ministry to children, students, their families, and the wider congregation of faith parents who are investing themselves as small group leaders. He/she will assist in programming, training and retreats, teaching, contact work, building relationships with parents and leaders, and hospital visitation as necessary. The intern will serve the main Lexington campus.
HOURS: 10-12 hours per week; Sunday mornings and weekdays/evenings as available/needed.
FINANCIAL: Minimum wage for hours worked.
TIME FRAME: Academic year (NOTE: Full-time 10-week summer internships also available).
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 30 minute drive.
OTHER: Grace Chapel NextGen Ministries are passionate about helping children and students understand how much God cares for them! When a person is known and cared for, they have the freedom to be their true selves. Each week in Kidstown, our children experience the love and warmth of their church family, experiencing great fun and learning about the love of Jesus. In our Middle and High School student ministries, students gather from all over the region, finding a real sense of belonging that comes from real community.

Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church 

Youth Minister

SITE: 222 Spring St. West Roxbury, MA 02130
PHONE: (508) 320-4829
MENTOR: Khaled Ghobrial
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are looking for someone who is passionate about children and youth to fulfill our intern position. We pray they be committed to a team approach to ministry, strong teacher with a love for God’s word, relational leadership, joyful spirit, self-starter, have communication skills, and the ability to meet the needs of the teens. We provide a unique opportunity to work with 2nd generation immigrant kids and their immigrant families. Ideally, the candidate will be familiar with intergenerational cultural differences and the challenges and opportunities that accompany them. Responsibilities would be a variety of things but focused on the youth.
HOURS: 10-20 hrs
FINANCIAL: Monthly stipend
TIME FRAME: Spring and Summer
TRAVEL TIME: 50 minutes from GCTS, ride available.
OTHER: The Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church is an Arabic- speaking congregation hailing from the Middle East and Northern Africa. We are growing in new ways as an immigrant church with having started an English church this past year. Children and youth in the church are primarily English- speaking, however maintain strong ties to their ethnic heritage.

Green Street Baptist Church

Youth Director

SITE: 179 Green Street Melrose, MA 02176

MENTOR: Reverend Jerrell Riggins
WEBSITE: Green Street Baptist Church
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: This person would help assist with morning worship, Sunday school, and Bible Study. We hope a student with a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ fulfills our position of youth director. We pray it is someone who demonstrates their faith commitment by reflecting grace and love in leading a healthy and devotional and moral lifestyle. This student would exhibit consistent patterns of love and the attributes that reflect an emotionally and spiritually healthy and well-balanced individual. This person would be good- willed, cooperative, conscientious, flexible, growing, humble, approachable, optimistic, and enthusiastic.
HOURS: 10 hrs
TIME FRAME: Jan- April
TRAVEL TIME: 40 min from GCTS
OTHER: we can offer preaching opportunities and mentorship support. We can help guide cultivating relationships with Christian education and the missions board. We also have various community outreach ministry opportunities available.

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