Youth - New England Mentored Ministry


Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Youth Ministry.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

First Presbyterian Church of the North Shore

Youth Ministry

SITE: 179 County Rd., Ipswich MA 01938
PHONE: (978) 356 – 7690
MENTOR: Jonathan Evans
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We have a great need in our youth ministry department. We are looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves students. We desire a seminarian who is a devoted follower of Christ, takes their faith seriously, does not take themselves too seriously, wants to see students grow in their relationship with Jesus, and wants to learn and grow in ministry skills. There are many opportunities for service, growth, and development.
HOURS: 10-20 hours per week.
FINANCIAL: Available to qualified students and reimbursement for ministry expenses.
TIME FRAME: Flexible, students can start any time.
TRAVEL TIME: 10 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER: First Presbyterian Church, North Shore exists by the grace of God with the vision to make more people more like Christ.  We seek to be a church that is characterized by worship in every aspect of our of lives (Exalt), to have members that are motivated and mobilized to use their gifts for God’s glory (Equip), and to embrace a comprehensive focus on missions, both locally and globally (Extend).

 First Baptist Church in Woburn

Youth Ministry

SITE: 3 Winn St. Woburn, MA 01801
MENTOR: Yaliang Zhao
PHONE:  (781) 933 3008

[email protected]

The student will befriend and disciples middle & high schoolers, both in the church as well as those loosely associated with the church. On Sundays, the MM student is expected to attend Sunday Worship (10:45am – 12:00pm), and then lead small groups. The MM student is also responsible for planning a special youth activity once a month to foster teambuilding within the youth group as well as community outreach. The student will also serve as the liaison with other Chinese Christian churches in the Metro Boston area and organize the annual Winter Teen Conference during the month of Feb. The MM student will also give assistance to the Education Director in order to plan and coordinate VBS as well as leading youth group member volunteers for VBS. Opportunities to preach are available as agreed between the student and the mentor.

10 Hours per week.

$300/month depending on qualification and the quality of work.

 Start date is flexible. A Student who can commit a year or longer is strongly preferred.

20 minutes from GCTS

First Baptist Church in Woburn is a small but growing church that is becoming multi-ethnic and multi-generational more and more with many opportunities to learn not just from Pastor Yaliang, but also seasoned members in the congregation as well.. With the Lord’s blessing, this position can lead to a paid staff position as we grow stronger financially and spiritually.

Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church 

Youth Minister

SITE: 222 Spring St. West Roxbury, MA 02130
PHONE: (508) 320-4829
MENTOR: Khaled Ghobrial
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are looking for someone who is passionate about children and youth to fulfill our intern position. We pray they be committed to a team approach to ministry, strong teacher with a love for God’s word, relational leadership, joyful spirit, self-starter, have communication skills, and the ability to meet the needs of the teens. We provide a unique opportunity to work with 2nd generation immigrant kids and their immigrant families. Ideally, the candidate will be familiar with intergenerational cultural differences and the challenges and opportunities that accompany them. Responsibilities would be a variety of things but focused on the youth.
HOURS: 10-20 hrs
FINANCIAL: Monthly stipend
TIME FRAME: Spring and Summer
TRAVEL TIME: 50 minutes from GCTS, ride available.
OTHER: The Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church is an Arabic- speaking congregation hailing from the Middle East and Northern Africa. We are growing in new ways as an immigrant church with having started an English church this past year. Children and youth in the church are primarily English- speaking, however maintain strong ties to their ethnic heritage.

The Orthodox Congregational

Church of Lanesville 

Youth Ministry

SITE: 1120 Washington St, Gloucester MA
PHONE: 978-290-0924 and 508-692-8259
MENTOR: Pastors Peter Abele & Chip Copp
EMAIL: [email protected] & [email protected]
POSITION: Working with the youth team, the intern will have the flexibility and the freedom to make changes (as need be) to the ministry matrix.  Intern will be working closely with the present Pastor of Youth & Family who has served at LCC for the last 38 years. Looking for a seminarian with good character, understanding of biblical theology, theologically reformed, committed to Christ’s church, able to communicate well with both adults & teens, helpful if previous youth experience, and able to work well with others. (Open to Non-MDiv. Students, as well.)
HOURS: 10-120 hrs/week
FINANCIAL: $3000 stipend per semester.
TIME FRAME: Spring and Summer
TRAVEL TIME: 25 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER: Our church has a rich history of mentoring seminary students, appreciating deep teaching of the scriptures, and believes that for the sake of the student, it is vital that she or he experience as much as possible the full range of pastoral ministry.  Therefore, there is periodic opportunity to preach, lead in worship and have exposure to other ministries.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church  

Youth/ Pastoral Ministry

SITE: 191 Sudbury Rd. Concord, MA 01724
PHONE: 978-2547353
MENTOR: Rev. Matthew Kerr
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: Redeemer is looking for a man who is seeking ordination in pastoral ministry and committed to or interested in the Reformed and Presbyterian system. He must be willing to work with and submit to the leadership of the session of elders. He must have a strong commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible and the importance of the local church. Redeemer seeks an intern that would consider attending regularly and joining our church as a member before beginning work as an intern. The vision for youth education at Redeemer is firmly rooted in a conviction that Parents are called by God to fulfill the role of primary spiritual disciplers of their children. As a result, the main function of the youth ministry intern is not to replace parents in this role but to offer assistance to them in seeing spiritual goals for their children achieved. The candidate who serves in this position will work as an intermediary between the session of Elders and families in the church to plan and implement ministries and activities to aid the discipling of the youth of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
HOURS: 10-20 hrs/week
FINANCIAL: $9,000 yearly, divided into three trimester stipends. Additional reimbursement for travel up to $100/ month.
TIME FRAME: Flexible, ongoing.
TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER: Redeemer is a small, conservative congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. We are an “ordinary means of grace” church, emphasizing the importance of corporate and private worship above programs and events. We hold to male-only leadership of the church, and practice traditional worship utilizing hymns and psalms as well as weekly Lord’s Supper. We are intentionally Reformed, holding to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as our statements of belief. Redeemer is closely connected to the larger ministry of our regional body, the Southern New England Presbytery, and offers the opportunity for interns to pursue connection to SNEP in preparation for ordained ministry in the PCA.

First Baptist Church of Waterford  

Youth Ministry

SITE: 105 Rope Ferry Road Waterford, CT  06385
PHONE: 860- 443-1126
MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Michael Peach
WEBSITE: Worship | First Baptist Church | United States (
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: Our church is growing and we are in need of a youth leader who can help us cultivate and grow our youth ministry (Jr. and Sr. High). We are praying to find someone spiritually, emotionally, and biblically mature. A prayerful Christian who is gifted in leadership, and encourager, and practitioner of the Spiritual Disciplines. Someone who is a willing teacher and speaker, as well as passionate for discipling youth and their relationship with God. We are seeking someone who has a heart for the local church and community and is willing and able to humbly work with the lead pastor and others in a team setting.
HOURS: 10 hrs/week
FINANCIAL: $20 an hour.
TIME FRAME: Start date is flexible, Fall, Spring, or Summer is available.
TRAVEL TIME: Estimated 2 hours and 20 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER:  First Baptist Church of Waterford owns a full gym (kitchen, basketball court, and climbing wall and are several Jr. High and Sr. High schools within a 5-10 mile radius. We have a desire to reach the youth within our community and pray for someone to join us.

Church in the Cove

Youth Ministry 

SITE: 167 Hale St. Beverly, MA 01915
PHONE: 978-579-4344
MENTOR: Greg Carmer
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: Church in the Cove is looking for a Director of Youth Ministry to lead our efforts to minister to middle and high school students in our church and the broader community. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching and/or ministering to youth and families, as well as experience managing volunteers. This role requires a person who loves adolescents and relates well with people of different ages and backgrounds. The Director will work under the direct supervision of the Pastor and in collaboration with the Director of Children’s Ministries. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing a youth program for middle and high school students that includes Christian education and spiritual formation, teach and lead Sunday School and the occasional confirmation class, help connect youth with worship, fellowship and service activities, plan and execute special events for youth such as retreats or camp, maintain open communication with parents, and develop an annual budget for the youth ministry.
HOURS: 10 hours per week
FINANCIAL: $20-25/hour.
TIME FRAME: September- May, summer hours negotiable.
TRAVEL TIME: 15 min away from GCTS.
OTHER: We are a growing congregation of 80 members with a nice generational spread including an active group of senior citizens, some mid-life couples and singles and plenty of young families. We have a very robust group of elementary- age and middle school children. There is opportunity here to be involved in Sunday morning worship, Men’s, or Women’s ministry groups, participate in worship leadership and offer Christian education events. Church in the Cove is a member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC).

Rye Congregational Church

Youth Ministry 

SITE: 580 Washington Rd. Rye, NH 03870
PHONE: 978-500-7386
MENTOR: Jonathan Conant
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are seeking someone with a heart for passing down the faith to the next generation. This is an opportunity to be part of a growing revitalization work in a historic New England church, and to work with a mentor who also shares a burden for the next generation and will support your work however he can. We are praying for someone who has a heart for discipleship, for building real relationships with youth by pouring into their lives. Someone who would thrive in this role would be someone who is flexible, humble, and teachable, and open to envisioning together what this youth program might look like. More than anything, we’re seeking someone who loves Jesus, and wants young people to come to know Him.
HOURS: 10 hours per week
FINANCIAL: $ 1,000 / month
TIME FRAME: Flexible
TRAVEL TIME: 55 min away from GCTS.
OTHER: A revitalization work in a historic (1726) New England town on the Seacoast. We have few denomination constraints, great flexibility in imagining and creating a youth program. One would also have regular access to the pastor who loves walking with developing leaders and supporting them, so they flourish.

Marsh Corner Community Church

Youth Ministry 

SITE: 317 Pelham St. Methuen, MA 01844
PHONE: 978- 682-0323
MENTOR: George Stephens
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are seeking a faithful man who is passionate about youth and sharing the gospel with the next generation of the Church. The ideal student would have a heart for teens and have experience in a vital youth ministry. We are praying that he also has an outstanding love for Jesus that is infectious. In addition to an ability to communicate biblical truth to students, he will have a whimsical heart that bubbles up in creativity and imagination with a focus on improving fellowship and fun.
HOURS: 10 hours per week, plus drive time
FINANCIAL: Travel and ministry expenses paid for + stipend
TIME FRAME: Spring 24 and on.
TRAVEL TIME: 45 min away from GCTS.
OTHER: Marsh Corner Community Church is a multi-generational, family driven ministry with most generations well represented. We stand on the proclamation of Jesus to all and promote Christ through community development.