General Pastoral Ministry & Variety

Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to General Pastoral Ministry opportunities as well as positions exhibiting a Variety of Opportunities in One Place.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

Highrock Malden

SITE: 3 Parker Street, #3, Malden, MA 02148
PHONE: (508) 331-4111
MENTOR: Edwin Menon
DENOMINATION: Evangelical Covenant Church
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: Highrock Malden wants to give students preparing for ministry the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning in Seminary in real ministry settings/life. Pastor Edwin has skills in leadership, communication, administration, evangelism, discipleship, and adaptability. He is looking forward to serving the next generation of ministry leaders. We are looking for a student who is a follower of Jesus worth following, teachable, resilient (ministry and people are tough), who can have fun, is willing to make mistakes, is on time and does what they say they will do, has administrative skills, is willing to resolve conflict well.
HOURS: 10-20/week
FINANCIAL: A stipend will be given to the student as well as a pastoral ministry budget that allows for them to take people out for meetings, counseling, visits, etc. This is a way to further build disciples and we would never want a lack of finances to hinder anyone from doing ministry.
TIME FRAME: Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021
TRAVEL TIME: 40 minutes from GCTS.
OTHER: We are a multigeneration church plant in our second-year ministering to a city that is ethnically diverse. We strive to be healthy and transformed followers of Jesus and emphasize that in our culture. Since our goal is to reach unchurched and de-churched people, we also serve the city and do whatever it takes to earn trust with others. Such relationships become avenues to witness and help people find Jesus. We encourage people to not be spiritual consumers but spiritual contributors as they join us on mission with what God is doing in Malden. As far as ministries we offer worship/arts, preaching/teaching, service coordination, small groups, welcome/hospitality, children’s ministry, outreach, English conversation classes, etc. The best thing our church has to offer a seminarian is that they will be in environments where other leaders will pour into them so that they are well rounded and equipped to effectively do ministry.

East BaptistChurch

SITE: 300 Wester Ave, Lynn, MA 01904
PHONE: 781-592-1764
DENOMINATION: Independent Baptist Church
MENTOR: Kevin Adams
E-MAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: East Baptist is a cross-cultural community founded on the Word of God and located in historic Lynn, MA. Ministry opportunities at East Baptist include: teaching, preaching, pastoral ministry, youth and children’s ministry, a/v and media ministry, local and international missions.
HOURS: 10 hours per week.
TIME FRAME:  Open for all semesters.
COMMUTE FROM GCTS: 25 minutes.
PAST STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: I love being a part of EBC’s multi-generational, multicultural family. Rev. Kev was a wonderful mentor, and in my time on staff at East Baptist, I had many opportunities to serve and grow spiritually for which I am deeply grateful. Valerie Ting Osterbrock, M.Div (2014); TH.M (2015)


Various Opportunities for Multiple Students

SITE: 66 Maple St (Rt 62), Middleton MA, 15 miles from GCTS
PHONE: 978-774-3788
DENOMINATION: Voting to join the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference in January 2021
MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Robert Leroe
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We’re here to help provide relevant, real-world experiences to equip seminarians for future ministry.  We have opportunities for ministry in worship leading, teaching Bible studies, working with our Teen Group, Nursing Home ministry, community interaction, learning how to do baptisms, funerals, weddings, confirmation, conduct counseling, serve Communion, run meetings, plan preaching schedules, etc.  Our goal is to tailor the experience to the student’s needs and career goals.
While most ministry is task-oriented (as opposed to time-oriented), we would anticipate participation is weekly worship, Christian Education-activities, mentoring sessions, community ecumenical events, possible nursing home services and some interaction with our teens. The student should be creative, flexible, enthusiastic, ecumenical yet conservative. Musical ability is a plus.
HOURS: 10 hours per week.
FINANCES: Stipend of $200 per month.
TIME FRAME: Flexible and up to the seminarian
TRAVEL TIME: 25 minutes from Gordon Conwell.
OTHER: We are an evangelical church with a rich history of serving our community by proclaiming the Gospel message in word and deed. The vision of Middleton Congregational Church is to provide, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the most relevant, engaging, accessible and loving (REAL) presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through congregational Christian worship, discipleship and service; so that the people of God might be equipped to share that Gospel with the world.
Note: Pastor Leroe is available to anyone interested in the military or civilian chaplaincies.  He is a retired Army Chaplain (LTC) and former Chaplaincy Endorser for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Ruggles Baptist Church

Worship, Preaching, Young Adults (Variety)

SITE: 874 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215
PHONE: (617) 266 – 3633
MENTOR: Pastor Larry Showalter
EMAIL: Whitney Cahan at [email protected]
POSITION: We are looking for students who are passionate about ministry in a young, diverse and urban environment. Our historic church is located in Boston, surrounded by Boston University and within walking distance of more than five other colleges and universities. The candidate(s) will receive one-on-one mentoring and training from an experienced pastor and staff team (all Gordon-Conwell graduates!), and get direct hands-on ministry experience in a big-city context. Opportunities for growth may include orchestrating the Sunday morning services, preaching, worship, mid-week community groups, and assisting with pastoral care concerns. Additionally, the candidate(s) will have opportunities to observe the elder and church council meetings, which will be valuable experience for leading in a local church.
HOURS: 10-15 hours per week.
FINANCES: A small weekly stipend is available.
TIME: Flexible (1-year commitment is preferred, but not necessary.)
TRAVEL TIME: 40-45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.
OTHER: We are seeking male or female students who are committed to the local church and are teachable, willing to learn and submit to pastoral leadership, and are willing to be fully committed to the life and community of Ruggles Baptist Church


Highrock: Cultivate

SITE: 10 Dane St, Beverly, MA 01915
MENTOR: Brynn Harrington
PHONE: (781) 502-8553
EMAIL: [email protected]
DENOMINATION: Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC)
POSITION: Highrock: Cultivate is an internship process created to be enriching for both the intern and the church. We desire a learning experience that is more than simply meeting requirements. We enjoy tailoring internships around interests, vocational goals, and dreams of our individual students. Students may try a variety of ministry opportunities, in the hope that they will work closely with our pastoral team, learning through experience and conversation. Highrock: Cultivate is a two-semester process that seeks to orient interns to staff culture; encourage personal, professional and spiritual growth; and partner with the intern in discerning a call to future ministry. Both women and men are welcome to serve at our church.
HOURS: 10 hours per week; involvement may vary depending on the season.
FINANCIAL: Volunteer position.
TIME FRAME: Flexible; Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 13 minute drive.
OTHER: Our church model is highly relational – we seek students who are eager to build community within the church, and serve the greater community beyond the church. We value radically local missions and serving our actual neighbors, so we try to be very involved in the cities of Beverly, Salem, and Marblehead.

CORNERSTONE CHURCH (Manchester-by-the-Sea)

SITE: 20 School St., Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
MENTOR: Ryan Ackerman
PHONE: (978) 526-4283
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are looking for male students of Baptist denomination who are humble, flexible, teachable and enthusiastic about local church ministry. We would be particularly blessed by students who have a heart for planting and revitalizing New England churches. Opportunities include teaching and leading groups, youth and children’s ministry, being a part of the praise band, leading outreach efforts, accompanying leaders in counseling and shepherding moments, leading Sunday morning worship, preaching, leadership meetings and vision discussions, and being connected to larger church planting and revitalization movements within New England.
HOURS: 10-15 hours per week.
FINANCIAL: $2,000 stipend per year.
TIME FRAME: Preferably year round; but flexible to students’ schedule and time needs.
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 10 minute drive.
OTHER: Cornerstone Church is an evangelical, theologically reformed, baptistic church that is passionate about proclaiming Jesus, building up the faithful, and reaching the lost. Our ministry team welcomes students in on the exciting journey of seeking the Lord, shaping a fresh gospel-saturated culture in an historic New England church, working to reach our community, and building robust discipleship. We also desire to be used of God to help prepare future ministry leaders for greater kingdom work.


SITE: 69 Middlesex Rd, Chestnut Hill, MA
MENTOR: Timothy Chang
PHONE: (617) 292-0990
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We are looking for applicants with teachable attitudes and willing hearts to serve our Chestnut Hill campus, especially in the following high priority roles: Music Ministry (monthly opportunity to lead music; regular participation in weekly music team), Youth Ministry (teach youth class every other Sunday, attend non-Sunday youth meetings twice a month), and Sunday morning operations (pre-service setup and post-service cleanup). Other ministry areas such as Children’s Ministry, Community Groups, and Local outreach and service projects are also available. Interested students are highly encouraged to take at least a semester to regularly attend and participate in the life of the church to ensure a good fit.
HOURS: 10 or 20 hours per week.
FINANCIAL: Stipend may be available. Most ministry-related expenses, if made out-of-pocket, will be reimbursed.
TIME FRAME: Dates are flexible.
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 1 hour drive.
OTHER: Citylife Church is part of the PCA, the Redeemer church-planting network (Redeemer City to City), and The Gospel Coalition network. Those desiring to learn and be in a church that is hspaed by the same values will benefit greatly. We are a gospel-centered and gospel-driven church that seeks to uphold orthodox beliefs, while also engaging in the culture and skeptics in a winsome and intelligible way. The Chestnut Hill campus launched in 2011, so we are a fairly new congregation. Many opportunities exist, given our “infancy stage.”


SITE: PO Box 275, 39 Main St, Essex, MA
MENTOR: Rev. Tim Ziegenhals
PHONE: (978) 471-9622 (cell); (978) 768-7855 (work)
EMAIL: [email protected]
DENOMINATION: Congregational
POSITION: Exposure to all areas of pastoral ministry, according to the student’s need and experience. Areas include teaching to all ages, administration, visitation, preaching, worship leading and pastoral care. We are looking for students who are relational and have a love for Jesus and others. Must be teachable and flexible, have a sense of humor, and not be afraid to fail.
HOURS: 10 hours per week.
FINANCIAL: Stipend of $500 for the academic year.
TIME FRAME: Fall 2019.
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 8-10 minute drive.
OTHER: We are a welcoming and multi-generational community. There are many opportunities to serve, and we provide a family away from home for seminarians. We are a model of church revitalization with fresh assessment taking place for how to grow in outreach and fruitfulness.


Pastoral Intern

SITE: 1 Water St, Danvers, MA
MENTOR: Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill
PHONE: (978) 774-8277
EMAIL: [email protected]
DENOMINATION: Reformed Baptist
POSITION: We are looking for a male student who is looking to learn, grow and minister in an inter-generational, inter-racial context using pastoral gifts and preaching as part of a team. We are looking for a student who is committed to the local church as outlined in Mark Dever’s The Church: The Gospel Made Visible.
HOURS: 8 hours per week; must be part of Sunday worship
FINANCIAL: Open and possible $200-$250 stipend for a worship leader/pastoral intern.
TRAVEL TIME [from GCTS]: 10 minute drive.
OTHER: First Baptist is an inter-generational, inter-racial church where the Gospel is clear and the people are friendly. We are missions minded with Baptistic, complementary, reformed leanings.


Pastoral Intern

SITE:10 Jean Ave #12 Chelmsford MA, 01824
PHONE: (978) 304-6265
MENTOR: Kendall Lankford
DENOMINATION: non- Denomination Reformed
EMAIL: [email protected]
POSITION: We have an opening for a male who is looking to go into pastoral ministry and is passionate about getting connected to God mission through holy living, serving as elders, and planting God-glorifying churches. We want to be a blessing to motivate godly men who want to see Jesus’ Kingdom established in New England.
HOURS: 10 hours per week
FINANCIAL: Not Applicable
TIME FRAME: This is an ongoing process for someone who are looking to find a church home and labor towards planting more God- glorifying churches in the area.
TRAVEL TIME: 45-50 minutes
OTHER: Our church is a Biblical, reformed, regulates, confessional, covenantal, complementarian, post- millennial, pedobaptistic church that wants to see the kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ reign in New England and beyond.

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