The Haddon Robinson Files - Gordon Conwell

The Haddon Robinson Files

In the Ockenga Institute’s last blog post, we looked at the mission and programs of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching, and we honored Haddon W. Robinson, the former Gordon-Conwell president after whom the Center for Preaching is named.

Today, the Ockenga Institute, in conjunction with the Center for Preaching, is excited to formally announce the beginnings of an initiative to further honor the work and legacy of Haddon Robinson: “The Haddon Robinson Files” (tentatively named). This project will digitize the available recordings of Haddon Robinson from the Gordon-Conwell archives, categorize them, and make them available to the public for an affordable price. Conceptually, the idea is similar to MasterClass, the online learning platform where people renowned in their field (see our previous blog post for more on Haddon Robinson’s legacy) teach developmental skills to learners who would otherwise not have access to such expertise. The target audience of this project will be preachers—primarily either those who have recently finished seminary and need some extra guidance starting out, or seasoned preachers in need of a refresher.

The Haddon Robinson Files initiative tentatively plans to release in two phases. The first phase will release the digital recordings, while phase two looks to allow learners to further their development by receiving sermon feedback. Phase one is estimated to be completed by the end of February 2021, and phase two is hoping to be completed late in 2021.

Working on this project together is an ideal match for the Center for Preaching and the Ockenga Institute. The goal of the Center for Preaching is to equip pastors and lay preachers to communicate God’s word effectively, while the Ockenga Institute exists to serve the centers of Gordon-Conwell, as well as extend the resources of the seminary to the public for the renewal of the church and participation in God’s mission. Please keep this initiative in your prayers as we excitedly progress towards these goals.