Course Overview

Dr. Haddon Robinson

(1931 – 2017)
Internationally recognized preacher, professor, and author, former president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and one of the world’s foremost experts in biblical preaching

The Haddon Robinson Center for Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is delighted to introduce the Biblical Preaching with Haddon Robinson online certificate course. This course consists of ten, 45-60 minute lessons. The course content is based on Dr. Robinson’s book, Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages as well as his class lectures. Each lesson includes written material, lecture, a sample sermon, and suggested reading for further development. As students work through the course they develop a sermon using the principles in each lesson. The final project is to submit a video of their sermon. Center for Preaching instructors will offer guidance and feedback each step of the journey to help participants become effective and interesting biblical preachers.

The course is designed for lay-preachers and teachers of the Bible as well as pastors who preach regularly and would like to improve their sermons. All who take the course will benefit from the interesting lectures and hands-on feedback.

All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from the Gordon-Conwell Institute.

Biblical Preaching with Haddon Robinson

Online Lessons

1. Introduction: What is Expository Preaching?

This lesson will demonstrate the need for expository preaching and walk you through the components of Haddon Robinson’s definition of expository preaching.

2. What's the big idea?

In this lesson, you will discover the importance of communicating a big idea in your preaching, and you’ll learn how to develop a subject, complement, and exegetical idea.

3. Selecting your passage & finding the exegetical idea

You’ll select a passage on which to preach in this course, study it, and come up with its exegetical idea.

4. Do you have anything to preach?

Here you will learn how to analyze your exegetical idea with the help of three developmental questions.

5. Developing a Homiletical idea

This lesson will cover how to transform your exegetical idea into a homiletical idea – a one-sentence sermon applicable to your audience.

6. Determining the purpose of your sermon

Here you’ll explore how to come up with a purpose and expected measurable results for your sermon, based on your sermon’s big idea.

7. The shapes sermons take

Learn about various methods for structuring your sermon here and practice developing your structural outline.

8. Outlining your sermon

It’s time to create a homiletical outline. You’ll learn here how to fill in your sermon outline with supporting materials to use when preaching.

9. Staring and ending your sermon

This lesson will show you how to develop effective introductions and conclusions.

10. Writing your manuscript and preparing to preach

Here you’ll learn about effective style and delivery, review final points to be aware of when preaching, and write your manuscript.

 Course modalities

You may register for the course as an individual and work at your own pace or you may gather some ministry colleagues and work through the course as a group. In the future, the course will be offered in a cohort format that includes interaction with other students in the cohort. All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from the Gordon-Conwell Institute.


Description & Cost

If you are ready to take the course as an individual, sign up below.
The introductory price for an individual to take Biblical Preaching with Haddon Robinson is $125.


Description & Cost

If you have one or more friends you would like to take the course with, you can sign up as a group. Once your group is set, contact the Center for Preaching using the form below and a custom registration link will be sent to you so that each member of your group can sign up individually. The introductory price for each member of the group to take the course is $125.


Description & Cost

In the future, a cohort format will be offered to provide interaction and build relationships with others who desire to be interesting and effective biblical preachers.

I have been fascinated with preaching since I was in my early teens. As a boy I began a series of diaries that recorded the tedious events of a fairly humdrum life. Years later when cleaning out my father’s apartment, I came across one of those diaries. Apparently on a Thursday evening I had gone to a service at the First Baptist Church in New York City to hear Dr. Harry Ironside preach. Ironside was the pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago. I can’t imagine what attracted me to a religious gathering on a Thursday evening. At the time I was sure that God kept office hours on Sunday morning. Yet I wrote in my diary, “Some preachers preach for an hour and it seems like thirty minutes; others preach for thirty minutes and it seems like an hour. I wonder what the difference is?” I have spent my life trying to answer that question.

Dr. Haddon Robinson

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take to complete?

There are ten lessons that take 45-60 minutes each to complete. Additionally, you will be developing your own sermon step-by-step which will take an additional 15-20 hours. The course could be completed in a week or two if you have the time or could be spread out over several months to more fully absorb the material.

Are the lessons live or recorded?

The courses are all pre-recorded and you take them at your own pace, whenever your schedule allows. You will have unique access to video and audio from Haddon Robinson in the classroom, conferences, and pulpit.

What kind of interaction can I expect from the Center for Preaching staff?

Each student will be assigned a course facilitator who will give written guidance and feedback on each step of your sermon preparation as well as feedback on your sermon video. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute Zoom session with your facilitator at the beginning of the course to get to know each other and answer any questions or concerns you have about the course.

I have never preached before, is this course appropriate for me?

We’ve designed the course to be accessible for someone without preaching experience or seminary training. Some of the lessons will stretch and challenge you but if you have some experience teaching the Bible, we are confident you will benefit from the course.

I went to seminary and preach regularly, will I gain anything from this course?

Included in this course are exclusive lectures and sermons that will be beneficial to everyone. If you have heard Haddon Robinson preach or teach before, then you are familiar with his ability to captivate a congregation and communicate effectively. This course will help you to refine your preaching skills as well as give you a helpful review of the entire preaching process.

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