Dr. Steve Macchia Releases New Book on Spiritual Discernment

Rev. Dr. Stephen Macchia, Director of Gordon-Conwell’s Pierce Center for Disciple Building, released a book titled The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything.

In this new publication, Dr. Macchia encourages readers to consider spiritual discernment as the result of a life deeply rooted in relationship with God, as opposed merely Christian decision-making. He describes how leaders who pursue this “fuller understanding of how spiritual discernment matters to the whole of our lives [will] in turn encourage others to follow likewise and then lean fully into the mission, mandate, and message of the whole counsel of God.” The book includes practices with each chapter, a prayer guide, a discernment guide, and biblical reflections on noticing God.

Rev. Dr. Barbara L. Peacock (D.Min. ’13), alumna and author of Soul Care in African American Practice, says, “The Discerning Life is clearly a masterpiece of God’s divine impartation to Rev. Dr. Stephen Macchia. This kairos word is an inclusive invitation for followers of Christ to continually abide in his presence. Consequently, they will embrace the totality of the discipline of discernment. God’s gift of discernment is not for the elect few but is for all disciplers. Living a life of discernment cannot be boxed in traditionalism and elitism, but is for Kingdom minded citizens who desire to know Yahweh more personally and intimately. Encountering his presence is not an overnight wonder but is imparted to those who are attentive to pursing the abundant life while traveling on their discerning spiritual journey.”

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