Renewal - Gordon Conwell

Join Gordon-Conwell in this season of renewal!

We are a multidenominational, evangelical seminary committed to equipping Church leaders to think theologically, engage globally, and live biblically. Amid changes in higher education and the Church, we are prayerfully reimagining the seminary in a way that allows us to expand our reach and better fulfill our mission for God’s glory. This is called our renewal.

A precursor of this renewal was the pivot, which led us to leverage the economic value of underutilized apartments on the Hamilton campus while still providing on-campus housing for our Life Together experience. 

Learn about the many aspects of our strategic and spiritual renewal.

Institutional Renewal

Magnify High Academic Standards

Deepen Spiritual & Character Formation

Extend Global Missional Engagement

Ensure Sustainable Operations

A Highlight

Hamilton Campus Renewal FAQS

Is student housing available on the Hamilton campus?

Yes! We will remain on the Hamilton campus, and new students are welcome and encouraged to experience residential education in the Life Together model! The ownership of the apartments will change, but student housing will remain available for full-time Hamilton students in our dormitories and the apartments.

Will there be other changes on the Hamilton campus?

We will continue to work and study together on the Hamilton campus, especially as we uphold a model of residential theological education in the pattern of Life Together. We will also continue to assess the use of our spaces so that they are destinations for students and the community to connect, study, learn, and grow. 

A Renewal Committee chaired by President Sunquist will be appointed to guide this work of providing recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the best use of our land and spaces.

Life Together Wednesdays is an exciting new initiative on the Hamilton campus inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together. Bonhoeffer envisioned theological education happening in the context of worship, discipleship, service, and fellowship. To that end, on Wednesdays, we intentionally gather to practice a rhythm of Life Together, characterized by prayer, worship, and fellowship. Be known, be present, be together!