Summer Seminary
on the Hill

JULY 12 – 24, 2020

Summer Seminary on the Hill

SSH 2020 | Launch Deal | 85% off tuition
2 Courses (3 credits each) + Private Apartment + Board

In celebration of Gordon-Conwell’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to one of our newest ventures: Summer Seminary on the Hill (SSH). Whether exploring seminary for the first time, seeking enrichment for your faith and ministry, or pursuing a low-residency graduate certificate or masters degree, SSH is an immersive summer program designed for you. Come experience education, formation, and vacation with us this summer!

Join our campus community for two intensive classes spanning two weeks this summer, July 12-24. We’ll kick off the program on Sunday, July 12th with a welcome dinner and conclude with a dinner on Friday the 24th. 

June | Begin readings and assignments to prepare for classes.
July | Join our campus for two intensive courses, July 12-24.
August | Complete all assignments by end of summer term, August 14.
Application deadline by May 20.

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Program Description: SSH July 2020

EDUCATION: Enrich your faith and ministry with two intensive classes. 

  • July 13-17, Session 1: Dynamics of Spiritual Life with Dr. Gwenfair Adams
    This course explores key spiritual dynamics, equipping persons for ministry to those seeking a deeper life with Christ. The course richly engages classic and contemporary spiritual formation texts while training students in LifeStory Exegesis™, a model of Christian spirituality that helps one understand their own life story in light of the powerful narrative that runs through the Christian Scriptures and Church History. LifeStory Exegesis™ draws upon a variety of tools, combining skills from literary criticism and film studies together with theology, history, biblical studies, and counseling. With this interdisciplinary model, students can catch a clearer sense of their vocational and spiritual identity, discern their calling for the sake of the church, become equipped to persevere in the midst of challenges and obstacles, and grow in attentiveness to God. LifeStory Exegesis™ can then be used in discipleship, spiritual formation and direction, small groups, and counseling.
  • July 20-24, Session 2: Introduction to Global Spirituality and Global Leadership with Dr. Todd Johnson
    The course engages the two-fold dynamics within global Christinaity, 1) surveying Christian spirituality from several traditions and countries around the world, particularly in churches of the Global South, i.e. Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America; and 2) exploring the theology, history, sociology, and globalization of leadership. One of the aims of this course is to foster a growing awareness of the deepening connections among our global Christian family and our global human family, with the goal of finding solidarity with others for the common good. Solidarity is unity based on a shared vision of valuing one another and working together, despite religious differences, for the common good.


FORMATION: Experience life-transforming relationships in our community.

  • Relax with fully-furnished apartments on campus.
  • Invest in relationships with three meals provided each day.
  • Participate in enrichment activities with your peers in the evenings and on the weekend.


VACATION: Enjoy spiritual heritage tours and the beauty of New England.

  • Retreat away on our lush, green 118-acre main campus, nestled in the hills of Boston’s beautiful North Shore, just minutes from the ocean. 
  • Tour Boston and key locations in New England’s spiritual heritage.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of the North Shore’s quiet meadows, quaint port towns, and acclaimed beaches.

What can I study & earn through SSH?

SSH 2020 offers two, consecutive intensive courses, each bearing 3 credits. Students will receive course credit upon completion of a course, which they may apply toward a graduate certificate or masters degree program in one of our two current SSH tracks.

Non-Degree Options

Just checking seminary out? SSH is a great avenue for those dipping their toes into the call to ministry and the theological training that it demands.

Want to retreat and refresh? SSH is a time for pastors and leaders to be nourished and encouraged in their own faith while sharpening their ministry skills to continue blessing others.

Degree Programs

Ready to invest in a master’s degree? SSH is a low-residency pathway into our M.A. in Spiritual Formation and M.A. in Global Leadership. Students may earn credits through SSH’s residential summer courses and complete additional courses online at a distance via Digital Live or Semlink+ during the school year.

Looking for a low-residency graduate certificate? SSH offers tracks into our Graduate Certificate of Spiritual Formation and Graduate Certificate of Global Leadership. Comprising six courses (18 credits), an SSH certificate may be earned via one of two routes:

  • One-Year Certificate: Students may take two residential courses (6 credits) with SSH in Summer 2020, two online courses (6 credits) via Digital Live or Semlink+ during the school year, and two residential courses with SSH in Summer 2021.
  • Three-Summer Certificate: Students may take two intensive courses per summer for three consecutive summers, beginning in Summer 2020 and finishing in Summer 2022.


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SSH 2020 | Launch Deal | 85% off tuition

2 Courses (3 credits each) + Private Apartment + Board

In celebration of our 50th anniversary and the launch of SSH, we’re offering new students and alumni a one-time 85% promotional discount on tuition when you register for SSH’s two-week, all-inclusive program. Tuition discount of 85% is only available to those who register for SSH 2020’s two-week room & board. The Application deadline is May 20.

In subsequent SSH summer programs, standard GCTS tuition rates and fees will apply.

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New students and alumni registering for SSH who wish to commute to SSH 2020 courses are not eligible for 85% tuition discount. However, new SSH students pursuing a masters degree may be eligible for GCTS scholarships and grants. Please contact our Admissions Office ([email protected], 800-428-7329) for more information.

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Gordon-Conwell is a seminary without borders. We aim to reduce logistical barriers to enable women and men across the globe to access full theological education.

We value unity in the midst of diversity. Gordon-Conwell has a long history of equipping women and men from around the world for leadership positions in the church, academy, and marketplace. We continue to celebrate the mosaic beauty of our community: men and women from many ethnicities, spanning 50 countries and serving 85 denominations. Bringing students together into our hilltop community provides opportunities to network with, learn from, and build relationships with brothers and sisters from around the world and from many different denominational perspectives.

We’re committed to your experience of transformation. A “full” seminary education is both informational and transformational. It feeds the mind to nourish the heart and soul, develops competency to form character, and imparts knowledge to change lives. We’re committed to helping you experience the life transformation that incarnational education offers. So we’ve designed the low-residency model for you to experience graduate life away from day-to-day distractions.

FAQs: Registration & Payment


What is the application deadline?

The deadline to apply for admission to SSH is May 20, 2020.

Am I required to take both classes offered in SSH? 

No. You are not required to take both courses. However, for students enrolled in a masters program or graduate certificate, we recommend you enroll in both courses since these residential courses are designed to facilitate your achievement of a master’s degree or graduate certificate.

What qualifications are needed to apply?

Bachelor’s Degree (Minimum GPA: 2.5)
TOEFL Score: 90 (international students only)

What do I need in order to apply?

Please see the general admission application instructions to learn how to apply or contact our Admissions Office ([email protected], 800-428-7329) with any further questions.


What is the deadline to pay tuition and fees for SSH?

Students enrolled in SSH 2020 are billed according to the Full Summer Term. Students will be billed at the start of term and must pay tuition & fees as well as room & board by the end of term, August 14.

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FAQs: Housing & Meals


What housing options do I have?

SSH offers fully furnished apartments on campus. To help students, the rates vary based on size of the apartment and are discounted compared to local hotels and AirBnBs. Upon admission, students can apply for their preferred housing option. All requests are subject to timeliness and availability.

  • Single bedroom (two twins): $100/night x 13 = $1,300 per flat
  • Double bedroom (four twins): $120/night x 13 = $1,560 per flat

May I share a flat with a roommate to share the cost?

Yes, students may request a roommate to share the cost. All requests are subject to timeliness and availability.

May I reserve a flat on campus if I only attend one week of SSH?

Yes, however, housing will be given preference to those enrolled in both courses of SSH.

Do I have to lodge on campus?

No. You are not required to lodge on campus. However, in order to be eligible for SSH’s launch deal (85% off tuition), you must stay on campus. Additionally, Gordon-Conwell provides reduced housing compared to many nearby hotels and AirBnBs.


What meal package will GCTS provide and how much will it cost?

SSH will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays as well as breakfast and dinner on the weekend between intensive courses. The program will kick off on Sunday, July 12th with a welcome dinner and conclude with a dinner on the 24th.

  • Food Package: $35/day x 12 = $420 total per person

Do I have to purchase meals on campus?

Yes. To provide you a full seminary experience that complements classroom learning, we have designed meals to facilitate conversation, friendship, and networking among your peers.

What if I have dietary allergies or restrictions?

For those with dietary allergies or restrictions, we have food for you! We accommodate all students with dietary restrictions with careful attention. After admission, please indicate your dietary restrictions on your registration form so that we can care for you.

What is the deadline and how do I pay for housing & meals?

As with tuition, students enrolled in SSH 2020 are billed according to the Full Summer Term. Students will be billed at the start of term and must pay room & board as well as tuition & fees by the end of term, August 14.

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Join us this summer!

Experience education, formation and vacation.

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