Frequently Asked Questions - Gordon Conwell

General Admissions Information

Where is Gordon-Conwell located?

Gordon-Conwell has four campuses along the east coast of the United States:

Can I visit the campus?

Absolutely! Campus visits are encouraged, but not required. Please click here to schedule a visit at any of our four locations. 

Can I apply to the seminary before I complete my undergraduate degree?

Yes, if you are currently an undergraduate degree student in your final semester, you can apply before you graduate. Please send us an unofficial copy of your transcript(s). We will review your file pending receipt of your final transcript after graduation.

What is your deferral policy?

An accepted student can defer admission to any semester up to a year after their original acceptance term. Please notify the Admissions Officein writing if you plan to defer.

Is Gordon-Conwell part of any consortiums?

The seminary is a member of two major consortiums.  The Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium, gives GCTS students in Hamilton and Boston the opportunity to take courses at major theological schools in the Boston area, including Boston University, Harvard Divinity, and Boston College. Click here for more information on the BTI.

The seminary is also a member of the Carolina Theological Consortium, which includes Reformed Theological Seminary, Erskine Theological Seminary, and the Seminary & School of Missions of Columbia International University.  Click here for more information on the CTC.

These consortiumsopen up a wide range of specialty courses not available at Gordon-Conwell and grants cross-registration privileges and inter-library exchanges. Cross registration does require approval from both institutions, and the forms required for cross registering can be found here.

What format can I take classes in?

We offer classes in three formats: live, digital-live, and asynchronous.
Live classes are held on-campus and require in-person attendance.

Digital-live classes are held online, but in real-time. Many digital-live classes are hosted on one of our campuses and could also be attended in-person if preferred. Students attend class at the scheduled time either in-person or online.

Asynchronous classes are completed online with pre-recorded lectures. These classes allow for flexibility as students customize their own schedule with no live attendance required.

Are there opportunities to connect with other students as an online student?What format can I take classes in?

es, online students have opportunities to connect with others! We host Soul Care groups, community life events, dean’s forums, and geographically specific student hubs throughout the year.

Application Information

When Should I Begin My Application?

GCTS accepts applications no more than one year in advance of the date when you expect to begin classes. Please note that there are priority-processing deadlines for both financial aid and housing, and some of our scholarships are first-come, first-serve. The sooner you get started on the application the better! To learn more, visit our Important Dates and Deadlines page.

What is required for a complete application?

Please see our Admissions Process page for details on how to apply. Application requirements vary depending on degree program.

What is the difference between a Special Student, a Visiting Student, and an Auditor?

Special Students are qualified students not wishing to enter a specific degree program. Credit is earned and standard tuition ratesapply. The number of applicable credit hours earned as a special student shall not exceed one-third of any given degree program. Special students may later apply for degree candidate status through the Admissions Office.

Visiting Students are current students in good standing at another seminary. Visiting students are welcome to take classes at Gordon-Conwell. Please consult the application instructions for the proper procedures.

Auditors are divided into two categories: Courtesy and Official. Courtesy audits are available to students, staff, faculty, as well as their respective spouses, and they are available to alumni and local pastors.  There is no charge for courtesy audits, and eligible persons may take one course per semester. All interested parties must register through the Registration Office prior to attending class and must attend class in-person. Courtesy audits are not recorded on a transcript. Official audits are available to regularly admitted students by paying the audit fee and receiving approval from the Registration Office.

Individuals not enrolled in a degree program and wishing to enroll as official auditors must complete an application and supply supporting documentation as outlined in the application. Official audits will be recorded on a transcript.

If I took a class over two years ago, do I have to reapply?

If you took classes over two years ago, but less than five, the Registration Office can reactivate your status.  Please completea Student Reactivation Request form

If you have not taken a class in 5 or more years, you will need to complete a full application to be readmitted. Please contact the Admissions Office to begin this process.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Are there scholarships available for full-time students?

Yes, there are several scholarships available for full-time students, both International and Domestic. Explore our scholarship opportunities, keeping in mind that some are restricted to a specific campus or modality.

With additional financial constraints, how can I make seminary as affordable as possible?

In addition to ourmerit-based scholarships, Gordon-Conwell is happy to offer a variety of opportunities for students to make their seminary education as affordable as possible.

Domestic students may apply to the Partnership Program, which provides a full-tuition scholarship in partnership with students’ fundraising efforts. This one-of-a-kind program benefits students and those who support them.

Students who are on staff or affiliated with any of our Ministry Partners may be eligible for a significantly discounted tuition rate.

Those with previous coursework in Bible or Theology may be eligible for advanced standingor transfer credit.  At the beginning of the term, students may elect to sit for competency exams in Old Testament, New Testament, Greek, and/or Hebrew to earn credit for these core requirements whichsaves time and money!

Are scholarships available for online students?

The Partnership Programis a great opportunity for online students to receive a full-tuition scholarship, while also learning about financial stewardship and fundraising.

Life on Campus

Can I still move onto the Hamilton campus?

Yes, new students are welcome and encouraged to move onto campus to experience residential education. Full-time students who begin a degree program in Hamilton are guaranteed to be able to finish their degree in Hamilton regardless of the Pivot. If you have any questions regarding your specific move-in and housing plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Housing Department.

How much longer will on campus housing be available on the Hamilton campus?

Any future agreements on the sale of part or all of the Hamilton campus will keep housing stable for campus residents. Please visit this page for the most current information regarding the Gordon-Conwell’s Pivot.

What are the institutional policies concerning campus security?

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary’s Annual Security Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on-campus or property owned or controlled by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning sexual assault. You can obtain a paper copy of this report by contacting the Department of Public Safety, Campus Safety, or by accessing an electronic copy here.


How can international students demonstrate their English proficiency

International students can meet English proficiency requirements with either a TOEFL (90+), IELTS (6.5+), or Duolingo English test (110+).The Duolingo English test is available on-demand at a much lower cost than the TOEFL or IELTS.

Please review our English Competency Policy to determine if you may be eligible to waive this requirement.

What particular guidance do you have for international students?

We greatly value our international students and are committed to supporting you during this time! Please visit the International Student Services page to find a variety of information and resources for international students at the Hamilton campus, and be sure to stay in communication with the International Student Office ([email protected]).

Are scholarships available for international students?

Yes, we offer select full-tuition scholarships for international students beginning their programs in the Fall term, in-person at our campus in Hamilton MA. Click here for a list of available scholarships. These opportunities are very competitive.

Have Questions?

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