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Why Seminary?

You sometimes feel the call to pursue seminary studies. Maybe it is often, maybe occasional. But it is definitely there. Where do you start? How do you decide whether you should go, where you should go, and what to study? There are so many questions. Below are some helpful resources to help you make this very important decision.


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Why Seminary? Some Historical Reflections by Dr. David Wells

Why Leave the Ministry to Go to Seminary? by Dr. Thomas Petter

So You Are Thinking of Going to Seminary? by Rev. Kevin DeYoung

Theological Seminary, Divinity School, Bible College or Bible Institute? What’s the Difference?

Why Theology Matters by Dr. Richard Lints

Why Study Counseling at a Seminary? by Dr. Karen Mason

Why Pursue Doctoral Studies by Dr. David Currie

Spiritual Formation at Seminary by Dr. Stephen Macchia

Some Questions to Consider as You Consider Seminary

The Profit of Employing the Biblical Languages by Dr. Jason DeRouchie

You Can Afford Seminary

Scholarships Have Doubled & Financial Aid Is Available

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