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Resources for Research

For those interested in the scholarly study of the historical Jesus, early Christian origins, Biblical archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls, these bibliographies will help you get started. They are brief catalogues of current research in these fields meant to get the layperson or scholar on his or her way to understanding more about these topics. Please print, download and share these documents as you please.

Cooley Center Publication: Internet Resource Booklet, 3rd Edition

This booklet offers a collection of websites arranged by Dr. Rollin Grams, Professor of Biblical Theology and Ethics, and Mark Poe, the Cooley Research Fellow.  These sites are offered as suggested resources not only for theological students and scholars but also to anyone interested in Biblical research.This work is dedicated to Dr. Robert E. Cooley who’s desire is to make the study of the Bible and early Church more accessible and credible. More…

Historical Jesus Resources

Jesus lived as a man in a particular period of time. Understand more about him and his context using these research materials.

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Biblical Archaeology Resources

Every year the dirt yields discoveries that enrich the Biblical narrative. Explore the historical context of the Bible through these resources.

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Biblical Studies and Early Christian Origin Resources

How did the church become what it is now through its early years? Learn more about the backgrounds of early Christianity and Jesus.

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Biblical Studies
Early Church

Dead Sea Scroll Resources

One of the most profound archaeological discoveries in the 20th century, the Dead Sea Scrolls continue to be a rich resource for Biblical knowledge. Use these resources to learn more.

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Dothan Publication Project

Tell Dothan is an impressive archaeological mound in the northern Samaria hills. The Dothan Publication Project is Dr. Robert Cooley’s efforts to bring the results of these excavations to final, full publication. More…