Dr. Barnes Urges Christians to Be Ethical Strongholds in Culture

Dr. Ken Barnes, Mockler-Phillips Professor of Workplace Theology and Business Ethics,  recently published an article in Common Good. The magazine explores the intersections of Christian faith, work, and economics and shares the mission of Gordon-Conwell’s Mockler Center, which Dr. Barnes directs.

His article is titled: “We Need New, Public Conversations About Ethics: The urgency of justice, mercy, and humility in both the marketplace and the public square.” In it, he discusses the need for Christians to have thoughtfully formed ethics and to exercise them faithfully in our public spheres of influence.

Much of what the Bible has to say about ethical conduct, however, is more implicit than explicit, and when set against the cacophony of other competing voices, one might reasonably ask, what constitutes Christian ethics?” Read the full article to hear Dr. Barnes’ answer.

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