Gregg Hansen Appointed Chief Financial Officer of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

It is with gratitude and joy that Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary announces the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Gregg Hansen replaces Jay Trewern who retired this past June. “Gregg gained terrific higher education experience under our two prior CFOs, Jay Trewern and Bob Landrebe, whose careers are marked with distinction from a national higher education perspective,” says Fred Potter, Board of Trustee member and hiring committee member. At such a time of disruption in higher education, it is difficult to find someone of the caliber, experience, and knowledge that Gregg brings to the position.

Gregg has worked in financial services at Gordon-Conwell since 2009, most recently as Executive Director of Finances and Accounting. In the last 2½ years, he has been instrumental in helping the seminary increase its economic viability while remaining mission-driven. “Gregg brings to this position exactly what we need at Gordon-Conwell at this time,” shares President Scott Sunquist, “fiscal conservativism, attention to detail, Christian convictions, and attentiveness to the changing landscape in higher education. Both the President’s Cabinet and the Board are pleased with this appointment. Gregg makes us all look better!” Fred adds that, “Board members serving in the finance industry have come to appreciate Gregg, as did our outside auditors, as incredibly strong on the technical front with a deep commitment to financial integrity.”

Previous to coming to Gordon-Conwell, Gregg worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte & Touche. A graduate of the Unites States Air Force Academy, with a MBA from Babson College, he also served five years with the U.S. Air Force as a financial and cost analyst.

In addition to his experience, Gregg is a wonderful fit for the CFO position because his personal life expresses his joy of God’s creation, love of family, and, well…maybe his courage. Gregg has cycled across the United States and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Imja Tse (Nepal). He and his wife, Rebecca, have two children, Andrew (age 12) and Elizabeth (age 11).

Gordon-Conwell looks forward to Gregg’s leadership and is confident that he will continue to contribute to the seminary’s greater financial health, and, consequently, increased global impact.