Dr. Adonis Vidu Contributes to “Third Person of the Trinity” Book

Dr. Adonis Vidu contributed to the recently released book Third Person of the Trinity: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics edited by Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders. In his chapter “Filioque and the Order of the Divine Missions,” Dr. Vidu writes about the relationship between the “order” of the two divine missions (whether the Son or the Spirit came first) and the procession of the Spirit filioque (and from the Son). A mission is understood to be a union between a divine person and a created reality. This stands in contrast to an “operation” that is an action that produces an effect. Dr. Vidu notes that there is a common error to think that a “mission” is an “operation.” In the chapter, Dr. Vidu argues for the ordering priority of the Spirit’s mission based on the Spirit’s presence in Old Testament saints, the Spirit’s work outside the boundaries of God’s people, and the Spirit as the agent of Christ’s birth.

Read a recent interview with Dr. Vidu on this chapter conducted by Fred Sanders, one of the books editors.

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