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Dr. Adonis Vidu

Andrew Mutch Distinguished Professor of Theology

Dr. Vidu came to Gordon-Conwell from his native Romania, where he previously taught at Emmanuel University and the University of Bucharest. He is a constructive theologian who is involved in a recovery of the patristic and medieval Trinitarian theology for the contemporary church, with an eye to its conceptual clarity and validity. Having done previous work in theological epistemology (Theology After Neo-Pragmatism, 2009), hermeneutics (Postliberal Theological Method, 2005), and the doctrine of the atonement (Atonement, Law, and Justice, 2014), his latest research focuses on a recovery, clarification and defense of the ancient rule of the inseparable operations of the Trinity (The Same God Who Works All Things, 2021). This project also generates a fundamental rethinking of several loci of systematic theology through the doctrine of ‘divine missions.’

At Gordon-Conwell, Dr. Vidu teaches a number of electives in addition to systematic theology, including: Recent Theories of the Atonement, The Attributes of the Trinitarian God, Modern Theology, Theological Hermeneutics. He is also one of the conveners of the Gordon-Conwell Theology Forum, a space for robust and friendly theological exchange among students and faculty.

Dr. Vidu is married to Adriana and they have one daughter, Hannah. He also served as an elder at Grace Chapel, Lexington.


  • Dip (University of Oradea)
  • BA (Emmanuel Bible Institute)
  • MPhil (Babes-Bolyai University)
  • PhD (University of Nottingham)

Featured Publications


Select List of Publications

  • The Same God Who Works All Things: Inseparable Operations in Trinitarian Theology. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2021.
  • “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit as Love.” Pages 165-186 in Love, Divine, and Human: Contemporary Essays in Systematic and Philosophical Theology. Edited by Oliver D. Crisp, James M. Arcadi, and Jordan Wessling. London; New York: Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2019.
  • “Ascension and Pentecost: Soteriology and the Divine Missions.” In Being Saved: Explorations in Human Salvation. Edited by Marc Cortez, Joshua R. Farris, and S. Mark Hamilton. London: SCM Press, 2018.
  • “Divine Missions.” In The T&T Companion to the Atonement. Edited by Adam J. Johnson. London; New York: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2017.
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  • ‘The Cross, and Necessity: A Trinitarian Perspective.’ The Irish Theological Quarterly 82 (2017): 322-341.
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  • “The Place of the Cross Among the Inseparable Operations of the Trinity.” Pages 21-42 in Locating Atonement: Explorations in Constructive DogmaticsEdited by Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015.
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  • Theology After Neo-Pragmatism. Milton Keynes, UK; Colorado Springs, CO: Paternoster, 2008.
  • “Habits of the Spirit: Reflections on a Pragmatic Pneumatology.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 50 (2007): 105-119.
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