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Dr. Thomas Price

Adjunct Professor of Christian Thought

Email: [email protected]
First Year at Gordon-Conwell:
Expertise: Theology (Systematic, Contemporary, Historical, Philosophical), Christian Ethics, and Apologetics

Dr. Price (DPhil, University of Oxford) came to Gordon-Conwell in 2015, serving as an adjunct instructor in Theology, Christian Ethics, and Apologetics. He also teaches Theology, Religion, Ethics, and Philosophy at a host of other institutions. His theological work highlights the utterly unique aspects of the theological vision given to Christians in the Gospel. Central to this vision is a distinct understanding of divinity and its relation to itself and all else. Recapturing Christian teaching about divine transcendence by drawing upon the riches of Christian spiritual and intellectual tradition is a core passion of this work. His work further retrieves the classical Christian emphasis on theological first principles and shows how significant the biblical metaphysic is for ordering our spiritual and intellectual life. For him, Theology (God) and all things relative to God become the core ordering pattern of Christian thought and life as they are oriented towards their God-centered end. At the heart of this work, for Dr. Price, is a thoroughgoing Trinitarianism, beginning with the perfect, immanent life of the Trinity.

A corollary aspect of Dr. Price’s work is theological anthropology. His work in Christian ethics focuses firstly on moral theology and its implications for understanding the human creature. From here, he works out a metaphysics of creation which supplies the proper backdrop for understanding the nature, purpose, and ends of human being and life. From this theological vision, he can bring to the fore those core aspects of Christian teaching which have been eclipsed in much contemporary ethical reflection. His aim, again, is to recapture the God-centered end of the Christian life in all its import for human action, witness, and flourishing. It is from this well-spring, for him, that issues of life, justice, peacemaking, and the like can be addressed from the riches we have in the Gospel. Dr. Price is currently working on a book that ties his theological, ethical, and apologetic contributions together: A Theological Handbook for the Baptized.

Dr Price received his BGS Degree (Music and Philosophy of Education) from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA; his MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; his ThM from Duke Divinity in Theology and Church History; and his DPhil from University of Oxford in Theology and Ethics under the supervision of the late John Webster. He served as the President of the Oxford Society of Law in Religion (2008). He participated as an Evangelical representative at the 13th Ecumenical Council in Di Bose, Italy (Monastery Di Bose). He is ordained (1998) and has served the church in a host of teaching, preaching, and equipping engagements.

He resides in West Hartford, CT with his wife Sandra and two sons, Sebastian and Julian Finn.


  • BGS (Virginial Commonwealth University)
  • MDiv (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • ThM (Duke Divinity School)
  • DPhil (University of Oxford)

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