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Mr. Jahdiel Perez

Adjunct Instructor

Email: [email protected] 
First Year at Gordon-Conwell:
Expertise: Theology, Philosophy, English Literature

Jahdiel Perez teaches in the division of Christian Thought at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary—Boston, known as the Campus of Urban Ministerial Education.  He has served as a preacher and teacher to Hispanic congregations in the region for over twelve years.

Perez is a DPhil candidate in Theology and Literature at the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, he was President of the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society and a Doctoral Fellow with the OCCA Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. In his research and teaching, Perez integrates theology, philosophy, and literature to demonstrate how the Christian faith can respond to the most pressing questions of our time. His dissertation, supervised by Dr. Alister McGrath and Dr. Michael Ward, explores how C.S. Lewis reconciled joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, and levity and gravity in the way he imagined and commended Christianity.

Before attending Oxford, Perez earned his BA in Philosophy from UMass Boston and his MDiv in Christian Theology from Harvard University. His research interests range from analytic and continental philosophy of religion to modern theology and English literature. His publications include reviews in the Journal of Religion and Literature, essays in Atheism and the Christian Faith (Vernon Press), and articles in Societas DeiJournal of Religion and Society and An Unexpected Journal. Perez lives near Boston with his wife Wendy and 1-year-old son Jezekiel.


  • BA (University of Massachusetts Boston)
  • MDiv (Harvard Divinity School)
  • In Progress: DPhil (University of Oxford)

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