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Dr. Tsu-Kung Chuang

Co-Mentor (DMin)

Email: [email protected]
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2005
Expertise: Missiology, Apologetics, Christian Ethics, Bible Exposition, and Preaching

Biography: After twenty years serving as a chemical engineer with PhD from Northwestern University (1983), Dr. Chuang changed his career and came back to the US in 1990 to study at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL). Then in 1995, after he earned a PhD in Intercultural Studies, and he moved to Boston to serve as the senior pastor of two Chinese churches. From 1995-2002 he was Senior Pastor of Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston at Lexington, Massachusetts, and since 2002 he has served as the Senior Pastor of Emeth Chapel in Burlington/Woburn area.

From 2005-2014 he also served as coordinator of the Chinese SemLink program at Gordon-Conwell, and since 2015 he has been the co-mentor of the Chinese Doctor of Ministry program.

Dr. Chuang’s primary ministry passion is preaching and teaching theological courses. He has also traveled extensively to China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Europe for teaching at various seminaries.

Dr. Chuang and Marie, his wife of fifty years, live in Burlington near their children and grandchildren.


  • MS & PhD in Chemical Engineering (Northwestern University)
  • MAR (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
  • PhD in Intercultural Studies (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

Select List of Publications

  • Ripening Harvest: The Mission Strategy for Mainland Chinese Intellectuals in North America. Paradise, PA: Ambassadors for Christ, 1995.
  • Adaptation & Transformation: Christianity & Chinese Culture Renewal (契合與轉 化). Toronto: CCIC, 1997; Shen-Xi Normal U. Press, 2008.
  • “Shang-di: God from the Chinese Perspective.” The Global God: Multicultural Evangelical Views of God, ed. by Aida Spencer & William Spencer. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1998.
  • History of Missions (宣教歷史). Paradise, PA: Ambassadors for Christ, 2004.
  • Mission Theology (宣教神學). Paradise, PA: Ambassadors for Christ, 2004.
  • Culture & Mission (宣教與文化). Paradise, PA: Ambassadors for Christ, 2004.
  • Zen and Dao: A Religious Dialogue Between Christianity and Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism (說禪論道). Paradise, PA: Ambassadors for Christ, 2009.
  • Make A Difference: Historical Role Models. (迥別). Burlington, MA: T.K. & True Light, 2013.
  • History of the Spread of Christianity (基督教傳播史). Burlington, MA: T.K. & True Light, 2016.
  • Answering Skeptic’s Questions: Introduction of Christian Apologetics. (大哉問: 基督教護教學概論). Burlington, MA: T.K. & True Light, 2019.
  • Defend the Truth: Cults, Sects and Other Religions. (真道辯:論異端、別異教派 與異教). Burlington, MA: T.K. & True Light, 2020
  • God’s Way to Righteousness: An Introduction to Christian Ethics. (天啟義路:基 督教倫理學概論). Burlington, MA: T.K. & True Light, 2021.

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