Summer Seminary
on the Hill

Summer Seminary on the Hill

Our Summer Seminary on the Hill (SSH) program provides intensive courses and low-residency pathways to our M.A. in Spiritual Formation and M.A. in Global Leadership. Our traditional SSH experience is cancelled for Summer 2020, but we invite you to join us online and later add a low-residency component if you would like! We offer individual courses and Graduate Certificates, which can be applied towards our degree programs. 

Individual Summer Courses

You don’t need to be enrolled in a degree program to join an online course this summer. In addition to dozens of online courses, our featured Spiritual Formation and Global Leadership courses are:

  • Dynamics of Spiritual Life with Dr. Gwenfair Adams
    This course draws on the biblical Creation-Redemption narrative, training students in LifeStory Exegesis™, a model of Christian spirituality that can be used in personal renewal, spiritual formation, direction, discipleship, mentoring, and counseling.
  • Spiritual Formation for Ministry with Dr. Nicole Martin
    This course seeks to develop a working knowledge of spiritual formation leading to a lifetime of continuing education. Special emphasis is given to spiritual exercise and small group practice for personal application and leadership in ministry.
  • Introduction to Global Spirituality and Global Leadership with Dr. Todd Johnson
    This course provides an overview of global Christian spirituality and leadership. It first surveys Christian spirituality across different traditions and countries. Then, it explores the theology of leadership — the history, sociology and globalization of leadership.


Graduate Certificates

Are you eager for training in ministry but not yet ready for a full seminary degree?
Try one of our new graduate certificates: Six courses per certificate, available 100% online.

Spiritual Formation

Christian Studies

Global Leadership



Gordon-Conwell is a seminary without borders. We aim to reduce logistical barriers to enable women and men across the globe to access full theological education.

We value unity in the midst of diversity. Gordon-Conwell has a long history of equipping women and men from around the world for leadership positions in the church, academy, and marketplace. We continue to celebrate the mosaic beauty of our community: men and women from many ethnicities, spanning 50 countries and serving 85 denominations. Bringing students together into our hilltop community provides opportunities to network with, learn from, and build relationships with brothers and sisters from around the world and from many different denominational perspectives.

We’re committed to your experience of transformation. A “full” seminary education is both informational and transformational. It feeds the mind to nourish the heart and soul, develops competency to form character, and imparts knowledge to change lives. We’re committed to helping you experience the life transformation that incarnational education offers. So we’ve designed the low-residency model for you to experience graduate life away from day-to-day distractions.