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Self-Service Password Reset

Tech Services is pleased to announce a new streamlined way to reset your GCTS password! You can now reset your password by going to GCTS’ webmail and following a few simple prompts. Self-Service Password Reset by Microsoft allows you to simply and securely reset your GCTS password without having to contact Tech Services.

  1. Go to Outlook webmail:
    Note: If you are already logged into Outlook webmail, please log out or access the link with a different browser or device. To follow these instructions, you need to reach the login page.
  2. Select “Can’t access your account?” and choose “Work or school account.”
  3. Enter your full email address in the box provided and prove you aren’t a robot.
  4. Verify your identity using the method you have previously set up (Microsoft Authenticator, phone call, text, or email).
  5. Reset your password in the box provided.

Click to download detailed PDF instructions with screenshots on resetting your password with Self-Service Password Reset.

Tech Services will continue to help anyone who encounters issues when they attempt to reset their password. We are also working on a way to send you reminders via email when your password is about to expire to make sure you have adequate notice.


What do I need to do right now?

Nothing—if you have already signed up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). To reset your password, follow the instructions provided. If you have not yet signed up for MFA, you will continue to be prompted to provide information to verify your identity to log in to GCTS’ webmail. Please follow these prompts and sign up for MFA.


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