Passwords & Portals

Login Credentials

Your username, email address, and temporary password will be provided as generated by the Information Technology department. Typically, usernames consist of the first initial of the first name followed by the full last name. Some exceptions apply, and a number may be added to the end of the username if it is common. For example, the username for a student, staff, or faculty member named Jane Doe will be jdoe. If another user named John Doe enters the system, his username will be jdoe1.

Email addresses are simply the username followed by You also have an email alias ([email protected]) which redirects email to your actual address ([email protected]).

Log In

Username: Your username is provided in your welcome email. (Example: jdoe)
You will need this username to log into the CAMS Student or Faculty Portal and the password website.

Email Address: [email protected] (Example: [email protected])
You will need to enter the full email address, not just the username, to log into webmail and Canvas.

Password: Your password is the initial password provided in your welcome email.
To change your password, please see the instructions below.

Password Registration (IMPORTANT)

New users need to register for the Self-Service Password System after receiving their initial password. The initial password will only work at the password site, and you will not be able to access the other portals until you have logged into the password site and changed the password.

GCTS Suggested Browser: Google Chrome

Password Website:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and initial password.
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to change your password.
  5. Now you should be able to log into all the other GCTS portals with your new password.

Password Reset (IMPORTANT)

New Password Policy

  • Longer passwords: 12-24 characters
  • No complexity requirements (only letters): Easy-to-remember phrases encouraged (e.g. ilovethebookofjames)
  • Infrequent password changes
    • Individual user passwords now expire every 3 years
    • Generic, shared account passwords still expire every 90 days
  • Faster, more secure reset for forgotten passwords
    • SMS (text message) and email verification to instantly reset forgotten passwords
    • No more security questions


How to Change Your Password

If you know your current password:

  1. Go to our password website:
  2. Sign in with your username and current password.
  3. Please click Update Profile and ensure that you have a current mobile phone number and/or personal email address on file. These will allow you to verify your identify to reset a forgotten password in the future.
  4. Then click Change Password to change your password according to the instructions.
  5. Please note that the password website is currently only accepting letters in passwords. Do not include any numbers or symbols for now, or you may receive an error. Instead, to make the password secure, make it longer! Length, not “complexity,” makes a strong password.
  6. If you receive error PWM 5015, this means that your new password is too similar to a previous password, and the site has rejected it. In this case, please log in again with your existing password and attempt to change the password again, but vary your new password further from anything you have used before.

If your password has expired:

Go to and log in with your username and expired password. If your password has expired, the website will recognize it and immediately prompt you to create a new password.

If you have forgotten your password:

Go to and click the Forgotten Password button. Enter your username and choose either the text message or email verification option to reset your password.

Now you should be able to log into all the other GCTS portals with your new password. If none of these methods work, please contact [email protected] for a password reset.

Access to Email

Everyone at GCTS receives an email in this format: [email protected] GCTS email is the primary way in which the school will communicate with students, staff, and faculty. It is important to check regularly; otherwise, you will miss critical announcements from the school. CAMS and Canvas are both linked to your GCTS email, and personal email accounts will not be used as a primary email account for students, staff, or faculty.

Our email runs on the Microsoft platform. As a perk of our Microsoft partnership, your student, staff, or faculty email account includes a free Microsoft Office subscription. Visit our FAQ page for instructions to download the Microsoft Office suite for free with your email account!

GCTS Suggested Browser: Google Chrome

Office365 Webmail:

Username: Your username is your entire email address (Example: [email protected])

Password: Your password

Access to CAMS

CAMS is the primary student/faculty portal that allows students and professors to access class and account information. Students can register for classes, make credit card payments to their tuition account, complete course evaluations, and access final grades on CAMS. There are separate portals for students and faculty, but they work together.

GCTS Suggested Browser: Google Chrome

CAMS Student Portal:

Username: Your username (everything before
(Example: sstudent)

Password: Your password

GCTS Suggested Browser: Google Chrome

CAMS Faculty Portal:

Username: Your username (everything before
(Example: afaculty)

Password: Your password

Access to Canvas

Canvas is our new learning management system that serves as an interactive platform for professors to set up and administer their courses; for students to access class resources (files, grades, and course announcements), submit assignments, and collaborate with faculty and other students; and for staff to collaborate with co-workers. Beginning in Spring 2019, all courses will be in Canvas but will only be visible to students if/when the professors publish them. Staff can also request to create Canvas sites for various purposes. Canvas is a multipurpose platform!

Canvas has replaced Sakai as of Spring 2019. Your access to Canvas is granted automatically only after you are registered for a course that uses the Canvas platform.

GCTS Suggested Browser: Google Chrome


Username: Your username is your entire email address
(Example: [email protected])

Password: Your password

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