Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get error PWM 5015 every time I try to change my password?

The Context

The password website sometimes produces error PWM 5015 during an unsuccessful password change, without any explanation of the cause of the error. It simply reads, “An error has occurred. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your help desk.”

The Cause

This error often occurs if a new password is too similar to a previous password.

The Resolution

Restart the password change process and enter an entirely different password than what has been used in the past. The site should accept the password. If the error persists, try varying the password further.

How can I disable my pop-up blocker for CAMS registration?

Disabling the pop-up blocker for all browsers

How do I download free Microsoft Office software?

As a GCTS student, staff, or faculty member, you have access to download the Microsoft Office suite for free with your Gordon-Conwell email account. Instructions here!

Why can't I access the CAMS Student Portal?

Please make sure that you have done the following steps:

  • Please go to the CAMS Student Portal:
  • Be sure that you are only entering your username (not your full Gordon-Conwell email address) and password. CAMS will not accept email addresses.
  • Please make sure you are not using Internet Explorer 6 or lower; older browsers may not work. We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome, as it is most compatible with our portals.
  • Please try clearing the browsing data from your browser and trying more than one browser.
  • If you also cannot log into any other portals, you most likely need a password reset. In that case, visit to change your password. If after changing your password, you can log into other portals but not CAMS, please contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • If you are a returning student whose account has been inactive for two years or more, it may need to be re-enabled. In this case, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Why can't I access Canvas?

New students should be automatically added to Canvas upon receiving their login credentials.

Returning students must first register for a course using Canvas (Spring 2019 or beyond) before their Canvas accounts will be generated.

Please make sure your account is active and that you are registered for a course. To log into Canvas, please make sure you are entering your full email address and the same password you use for the other portals.

Why can't I see my course(s) in CAMS?

Make sure that you are in the correct semester, as CAMS can only display one semester at a time. You can choose a term on the CAMS login page, or after you log in, you can change the term by clicking the change link in the upper left corner, next to the current term.

Why can't I see my course(s) in Canvas?

Here are some ideas for correcting this issue.

How do I access my GCTS email?

Office 365 is our email client. Instructions for accessing your email can be found here.

How do I forward my GCTS email to my personal email?

Setting up webmail forwarding

NOTE: Please save copies of forwarded emails in your Gordon-Conwell account and check your Gordon-Conwell email account regularly. GCTS is not responsible for emails that are missed due to forwarding.

How do I add my email to my phone or tablet?

For Android users

For Apple or iOS users

How do I print to a printer on campus?

Anyone with a Gordon-Conwell account can print directly from library lab computers to the printer(s) in the library. Staff and faculty can also print directly from their seminary-issued computers. To print from a personal computer or device, connect to the Gordon-Conwell campus network (via WiFi or Ethernet), navigate to, and follow the instructions.

How can I clear my browser's cache?

Definition of cache and clearing your cache

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