New Ticketing System & Support Portal - Technology Services

New Ticketing System & Support Portal

We are excited to introduce you to the new Gordon-Conwell Support

This will become a resource to access support from multiple GCTS departments, but for now, it is starting as our new IT Ticketing System. Here is where we are now and what is to come:



We have already moved all our IT ticketing into this new system. You can continue emailing tickets to [email protected] and will notice the new email format.

Alternatively, you can come directly to this new Support Portal  ( to:

  1. Access help articles. This may solve your issue without you having to contact anyone! We have begun adding articles and will continue to build up this resource.
  2. Submit an issue. This new form provides more detail to help us route your ticket appropriately.

Log in at the top right corner with SSO (using your email credentials) to access even more features:

  1. Submit a service request. This new feature allows you to select a specific service from a detailed IT service catalog. This helps route your service request ticket efficiently.​
  2. View all your ticket details.
  3. Approve requests. If you have been asked to approve a particular request as a supervisor, you can access and respond to your approvals in the portal. You may also respond to approvals via email.​
  4. For HR: Onboard and offboard employees. These forms will replace the old IT Personnel Change forms that HR and supervisors have accessed from our Technology Services website. HR will initiate the process by submitting the onboard or offboard form, the supervisor will be notified to complete their portion, and a workflow will generate all the tickets/tasks needed to complete the IT onboarding or offboarding process.



As IT gets settled into this new system, we will begin adding in other departments (e.g. AV aka Media Services, Digital Education), who will have their own workspaces to respond to user requests.

As other departments begin using the system, we will send further announcements.


We hope that this new system will improve the level of service GCTS students, faculty, staff, and constituents receive from Technology Services and, eventually, beyond! We are already finding it to be a major upgrade for IT ticketing. Thanks for your patience as we adjust to the new system, and be on the lookout for future updates.


Contact us for more information!


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