The Mockler Center’s seminars and conferences bring together international thought-leaders and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines to explore what the Bible has to say about business ethics, health and well-being, civics, economics, education, law, and social justice. These events are meant to be intellectually stimulating, spiritually refreshing, and immanently practical.

Join us in dialogue as we hear from a seasoned corporate executive on what global diversity can look like from a Christian perspective. Given the complexities of corporate culture, it is more important than ever for values-driven leaders to be effective, to keep listening, learning, and doing more! Kristin Colber-Baker, an inaugural Joanna Mockler Leadership Awardee, shares her experience leading the creation of board-approved strategy to build global diversity capability for 135,000+ employees across 70+ countries.

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What does it take for churches to accept, recognize, elevate, and champion the extraordinary God-given talents and abilities of the women in their congregations? How do church leaders develop the leadership skills of women, and in turn, deepen the connections between the church, businesses, and communities? Hear from author, consultant, and ministry leader Kadi Cole, share on the theological viewpoints of women’s leadership and proven strategies for releasing the potential of women leaders for effective ministry in and outside the church.

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The Fear, Facts & Faith series was developed by the Mockler Center to help people think deeply and theologically about current events and how to live out a Christian response. The series has featured experts in theology, epidemiology, economics, psychology, race, and leadership.

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