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The mission of the Mockler Center for Faith and Ethics in the Public Square is to explore and promote biblical ethics, values, and insights for today’s workplaces and bring helpful knowledge and experiences from workplace laity to the church and its leadership. Through its programs and resources the Mockler Center is a bridge serving seminary and university, community and marketplace, church and public square.

At the Mockler Center we value work of all types and in all fields, whether compensated financially or volunteer, whether for-profit or non-profit, whether in large-scale corporations or sole proprietor businesses. We are interested in church and community-based entrepreneurship of new endeavors, and in salting and lighting older, established businesses. We care about individual workers and their callings and careers, about ethical organizations and companies, and their impacts on the larger economy. We want to heed the warnings of the apostles and prophets about workplace temptation and sin — but still more, we want to light a candle with creative, redemptive positive ideas and not be content with “cursing the darkness.”

The Mockler Center pursues its mission and purpose primarily by means of three initiatives:

Seminars & Conferences

From two hours to a week in length, the Center’s seminars and conferences bring together international thought-leaders and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines to explore what the Bible has to say about business ethics, health and well-being, civics, economics, education, law, and social justice. These events are meant to be intellectually stimulating, spiritually refreshing, and immanently practical.

Seminary Courses & Programs

Semester length or intensive, group or individualized, we offer accredited courses in workplace theology, business and professional ethics, leadership, economic justice, Christian apologetics, and other topics consistent with our re-defined mission and the expertise of our Fellows. We will also be developing online “Master Classes” on a wide variety of issues relating to faith and ethics in the public square, including those devoted particularly to the unique role of pastors as “ambassadors” of the gospel in society.

Graduate Certificate

We are pleased to announce the new Graduate Certificate in Workplace Theology & Ethical Leadership, which prepares Christians for faithful leadership in the marketplace. The six courses in this certificate are intended to foster a thoughtful, loving, Christ-centered approach to issues of faith, work, and economics. The Certificate in WTEL also provides a foundation for further theological study.


Perhaps the cornerstone academic offering is the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) track in Workplace Theology and Ethical Leadership, co-taught by Australian scholar and researcher, Dr. Lindsay McMillan. This unique program focuses on the technical, biblical/theological, moral/ethical, and pastoral issues associated with the future of work, the future of finance, and the future of globalization. In partnership with our personal and professional contacts at Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, The House of Lords, the Church of England, Melbourne Business School and others, the program is the only one of its kind in the world.

Watch a short video to hear more about the DMin program.


As mentioned, we have hosted several online events on a wide variety of topics to equip people with the resources to respond to current events with facts and faith. We invite you to view our previous livestreams and to preview upcoming events.

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Ken Barnes

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Senior Research Fellow

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Chairman, Board of Advisors

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