Articles and Case Studies

Some of these essays and reviews are explicitly Christian in their language and biblical in their references;  others are more oblique in their theological references but  intend, nonetheless, to have a robust biblical, theological foundation.  You may use these resources for classes or other good purposes, but please always credit the author and include a link to the article’s home web site.


A Fourth Use of the Law
Church-Based Entrepreneurship
Churchplace to Workplace
Commissioning Our People for the Workplace
Eight Traits of Healthy Culture
Ethical Busy-ness
Ethics is a Team Sport
Ethics is More than Compliance
Ethics With & Without God
Faith & Ethics Are A Team Sport
Finding Common Moral Ground
Higher Ground
Loving Money
Modern Technology Servant & Master
Nobody’s Perfect, Nobody’s All Bad
Organizational Culture: Four Essential Aspects
Prolegomena to A Theology of Technology
Pulpit & Paycheck: The Upside of Bivocational Ministry
Secret Company Ethics
Sent to Heal
Six Criteria for Right & Wrong
Six Problems of Preaching on Faith and Work
Spirit of Fear
Takers, Inventors, Helpers
Taxes to Whom Taxes are Due
Ten Principles
Theological Foundations for Personal Responsibility
Theology of Care for the Vulnerable
Unique Role of the Church
Upgrading Ethical Decision Making
Visit the Workplace
Workplace Fear



Alper, N. Business Mensch
Arena, C. High Purpose Company
Batstone, D. Saving the Corporate Soul
Beckett, J. Mastering Monday
Boers, A. Living Into Focus
Bornstein, D. Price of A Dream: Story of Grameen Bank
Brock, B. Christian Ethics in a Technological Age
Collins, J. Good to Great
Collins, J. How the Mighty Fall
Covey, S. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Crawford, M. Shop Class as Soul Craft
Crouch, A. Culture Making
DeYoung, Kevin. Crazy Busy
Dickens, C. Hard Times
Downing, R. Death and Life in America: Biblical Healing and Biomedicine
Dungy, T. Quiet Strength
Dyer, J. From Garden to City
Ellul, J. Money and Power
Esty, D. Green to Gold
Fukuyama, F. Trust
Gladwell, M. David & Goliath
Hesselbein, F. On Mission and Leadership
Jacobsen, E. The Space Between
Jennings, M. Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse
Keller, T. and Alsdorf, K.A. Every Good Endeavor
Knapp, J. How the Church Fails Businesspeople
Lencioni, P. The Advantage
Lencioni, P. Five Dysfunctions of Team
Lynch, K. and Walls, J. Mission, Inc. 
Maxwell, J. There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics
McKibben, B. Enough
Miller, D. God at Work: The History & Promise of the Faith at Work Movement
Mitcham, C. Thinking Through Technology
Mourkagiannis, N. Purpose: Starting Point of Great Companies
Nelson, T. Work Matters
O’Reilly, C and Pfeffer, J. Hidden Value
Peel, B. and Larimore. Workplace Grace: Becoming A Spiritual Influence at Work
Perman, S. In-n-Out Burger
Pletcher, J.E., Henry’s Glory
Rand, A. Fountainhead
Sandberg, S. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Savitz, A. Triple Bottom Line
Schein, E. Organizational Culture and Leadership
Schlosser, E. Fast Food Nation
Schumacher, E.F. Small is Beautiful
Tenner, E. Why Things Bite Back
Van Duzer, J. Why Business Matters to God
Welchel, H. How then Should We Work?
Witherington, B. Work A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
Wright, W. Don’t Step on the Rope: Reflections on Leadership