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Dr. Ken Barnes

  • Director of the Mockler Center; Mockler-Phillips Associate Professor of Workplace Theology and Business Ethics


Prior to embarking on a career in the academy, Ken spent more than twenty-five years as a senior international executive for several multi-billion dollar companies doing business on six continents. In addition to his corporate work, Ken has also worked with SME’s (Small and Medium-Size Enterprises) and start-ups and continues to serve as a company director and mentor to young executives.

Rev. Dr. Barnes is also an Ordained Minister who has served in the parish as well as various chaplaincy settings, including corporate and university chaplaincies. He notes that, “In 2006 I began serving as a volunteer university chaplain (Oxford University), where in cooperation with the Graduate Christian Union, Veritas Forum and Trinity Forum I help young graduate students consider what it means to be practicing Christians in a secular (and sometimes hostile) environment.”

Dr. Barnes holds a B.A. in Political Science and Theatre from the State University of New York, an M.A.T.S. from Gordon-Conwell, an M.Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, M.Phil. from Kings College, University of London in Church History and Doctrine, and D.Min. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Chaplaincy and Apologetics.

He was also named a Fellow in the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA). The Society was founded in 1754, and was granted a Royal Charter in 1847. It obtained the right to use the term Royal in its name by King Edward VII in 1908. Charles Dickens, Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Karl Marx, William Hogarth, John Diefenbaker, Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee are some of the notable past and present Fellows.

Dr. Barnes' main areas of research and teaching are: The Intersections of Theology and Economics / Faith and Work; Christian Apologetics; Old Testament Hermeneutics; Reformed Theology; Reformation History; and Philosophy of Religion (especially the so-called “problem of evil” and the “ontological argument for the existence of God”). He has published numerous papers in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. His publication Spirituality and Business Ethics: Religious Perspectives on Business, Routledge Companion to Business Ethics, is due out this spring. Two forthcoming books include: God and Mammon: Wealth, Virtue and the Redemption of Post-Modern Capitalism, and Light From the Dreaming Spires: Reflections on Ministry to Gen Y.

Ken is married to Debby, a singer, songwriter and professional voice-over artist. They have three grown children: Bernadette, Christian and Julia.